National Combat Aircraft Will Make Its First Flight in 2025, Enter Inventory in 2029

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil answered Sputnik's questions. "MMU will make its first flight in 2025, and we expect it to be included in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory in 2029," said Kotil, who shared a lot of information about TAI's work and defense industry.

TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil, in his assessment for 2020, said, “We climbed 100 steps in the Defense New Top 100 list, which lists the top 16 defense and aerospace companies in the world. During this period, we increased our R&D expenditures to over 40 percent, reinforcing our pioneering role in the development of new generation aircraft. Thus, we continued to develop projects for the vision of independence in our country's defense industry, ”he said.

TAI's one of the most critical projects undertaken by Turkey in terms of new generation combat aircraft project, the National Veterans aircraft. Kotil said, “On the other hand, our 5th generation fighter, MMU, which is one of our most important projects, which the global aviation ecosystem is eagerly awaiting and will make our country jump the league in aviation and defense, will exit the hangar on March 18, 2023. MMU will make its first flight in 2025, and we anticipate it to be included in the Turkish Armed Forces in 2029, ”he said.

MMU to Exit Hangar on March 18, 2023

Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said in the radio show he attended in December 2020 that MMU will leave the hangar on March 18, 2023. Kotil stated that the certification studies for MMU, which is planned to be delivered in 2025 after leaving the hangar, will take up to 3 years.

Marking the year 2029 as the date MMU will take office, Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil, when the project is completed, Turkey will be one of the few countries had stressed the 5th generation fighter aircraft capable of producing. Kotil stated that when the MMU project is completed, there will be 6000 engineers experienced in fighter jet design at TAI. He stated that the engineers in question will create the infrastructure in the next projects.

About the National Combat Aircraft Project

The 5th Generation project MM Future Turkish warplanes, remote closely with the defense industry that creates excitement for anyone interested in is the enormous opportunities that hosts Turkey's largest defense industry project. Even the fact that our country is working on this project brings self-confidence and technological breakthroughs for the Turkish aviation industry. The goal of producing a 5th generation modern warplane is a very arduous process that only a handful of countries in the world can dare. Turkish Defense Industry is mature enough to accomplish this challenging project with the excitement, national support and experience gained from National Defense Industry projects such as Atak, MİLGEM, Altay, Anka and Hürkuş.

From another point of view, the Turkish Defense Industry has to produce a competitive 5th Generation fighter aircraft in the international market in line with the vital defense needs of our country. Otherwise, Turkey will have a huge investment of 8.2 billion dollars, which is planned to be spent until the first flight, human and human resources. zammoment will be lost, the next 50 years will not be possible to have a modern and national warplane again.

National Combat Aircraft
National Combat Aircraft

Republic of Turkey project also leaves the door open to friendly and allied countries to take place as well. In this context, it is known that Malaysia and Pakistan follow the MMU project very closely and it is reflected in the press.

With MMU, the Turkish Air Force will have acquired many new capabilities. The responsibilities of the main companies that will take part in this project that will enable our Air Force to step into a new era by leaving behind a benchmark like the F-16 are:

  • TAI: Body, design, integration and software.
  • TEI: Engine
  • ASELSAN: AESA Radar, EW, IFF, BEOS, BÜRFIS, Smart Cockpit, warning systems, RSY, RAM.
  • METEKSAN: National Data Link
  • TRMOTOR: Auxiliary Power Unit
  • ROKETSAN, TÜBİTAK-SAGE and MKEK: Weapon systems

Source: defenceturk

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