Michelin Turkey Ecological Footprint Cuts

Michelin is reducing the ecological footprint of turkey
Michelin is reducing the ecological footprint of turkey

Michelin Turkey, which began for a greener world 'has completed the Green Office Program. reduce the use of natural resources and the savings they make application Michelin, WWF-Turkey (World Wildlife Foundation) 'Green Office' was awarded Diploma. Michelin Group in the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), was the first office Michelin Green Office Diploma in the field Turkey.

Eco-friendly technology in giving back what it takes from nature, the world's largest tire manufacturer, Michelin, Turkey has kicked off with a greener world target has completed the Green Office Program. Business in the use of natural resources and reduce energy and Michelin Turkey, from Turkey, the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) 'Green Office diploma' was entitled to take. Michelin Group in the WWF Green Office Diploma Michelin was the first office space Turkey.

50% of the company alters a hybrid vehicle Michelin in Turkey all waste paper, glass, plastic and decomposed to organic. A green library was established for sharing books and magazines by minimizing paper consumption. In addition, the Green Wardrobe movement was initiated to share unused items, allowing employees to share all kinds of unused items. While the printers were reduced by 50%, the number of servers was reduced from 10 to 2. Every week, informative e-mails on waste recycling, water saving and sustainable living in the city were shared with the employees. As a result of all these studies; 270 trees were saved with a saving of 11 thousand paper. 45% electricity and 62% water savings were achieved. The Michelin Green Office organization will continue to work with new projects to reduce the Ecological Footprint in 2021.

Turkey's first certificate in Group

The Green Office team gains of the Green Office Certification leadership and WWF-Turkey and carried out in cooperation stated that the effectiveness of the hard work that Michelin Turkey HR Director Pinar Erçal "Sustainability-oriented approach are indicated on Michelin's DNA. WWF Green Office approved the first country to qualify for the Diploma in fore Michelin Group with Turkey was environmentally sensitive approach. Michelin as Turkey, the Green Office team of seven volunteers within the company has won the Green Office certificate of labor is quite large. This team, all of our applications working with WWF-Turkey cooperation in the adaptation of the Green Office project had led to all of us. Therefore, I sincerely congratulate the Green Office team and all our employees who took an active role in the implementation of this project. ''

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