KOSGEB Support Program to Contribute to the TOGG Supply Ecosystem

kosgeb support program to contribute to the togg procurement ecosystem
kosgeb support program to contribute to the togg procurement ecosystem

Within the scope of the first call of KOSGEB's "R&D, P&D and Innovation Support Program", the projects to be supported in the automotive and electronics sectors are expected to contribute to the formation of the procurement ecosystem in projects such as TOGG.

The "R&D, P&D and Innovation Support Program" prepared by SMEs to produce original, improved or modified new products based on science and technology was reconstructed in line with strategic priorities.

The details of the KOSGEB program, which the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank announced that he was called for the first time, have been announced.

Within the scope of the call called "Supporting Small Enterprises Operating in Priority Sectors, R&D and Innovation in Critical Technologies of Medium Enterprises and P&D Projects", the automotive and electronics sectors were determined as priority.

With the call, it was aimed to increase technology, innovation, product quality and productivity in the manufacturing industry sectors, to transform industrial capacity to make it more competitive and to increase high value-added production.

The Aims to Improve the Competitiveness of the Automotive Industry

In this context, enterprises operating in the field of manufacturing motor vehicles, parts and accessories for these, and battery and battery manufacturing in the automotive sector, electronic components in the electronics sector, circuit boards, communication equipment, consumer electronics products, instruments and devices for measurement, testing and navigation, and watches. be able to refer to the call.

In order to maintain and develop the competitive power of the automotive industry, within the framework of global developments, new technologies and changing customer expectations, electric or hydrogen-powered motor land vehicles in this sector will support R & D, innovation and P&D project ideas in the fields of battery (battery) technologies, fuel cells.

In the electronics sector, support will be provided to projects on new generation mobile communication technologies within the scope of domestic electronic communication network and infrastructure components, including 5G and beyond technologies, in order to increase competitive production based on R&D and exports.

Thus, SMEs whose projects in the fields of automotive and electronics will be supported will be able to significantly contribute to the formation of the supply ecosystem in projects for electric cars, especially the TOGG project, where the first vehicles are aimed to get off the belt at the end of next year. In addition, the development of this field in Turkey and the country's center of excellence for electric vehicles to be support will be offered.

Up to 2 Years of Support

Small and medium sized enterprises registered in the KOSGEB database and approved by the SME declaration will be able to apply for the call until May 18.

The duration of the projects to be supported will be determined by the applicant in multiples of 8 months, with a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 4 months.

In the call that machinery, equipment, hardware, raw material, software and service procurement, qualified personnel, industrial property rights, test analysis and certification expenses will be supported, the upper limit of support will be 1,5 million lira for small businesses and 6 million lira for medium-sized businesses.

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