Regular Examination is Important in Contact Lens Wear

There are many studies on whether there is any harm from long-term contact lens use. Anadolu Medical Center Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz said, “Today, in parallel with the decrease in the use of hard lenses and the increase in the production technology in soft lenses, lenses with higher oxygen permeability are used. Although these lenses reduce the negative effect on the corneal surface, they do not reset it. Therefore, periodic examinations of patients using lenses are very important, ”he said.

In a study published in the American Eye Academy, Anadolu Medical Center Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz, “As a result of the examination, the corneas of the patients using contact lenses were measured between 30-50 microns, thinner and the corneal perpendicularity was measured more steeply than the control group. There was no relationship between the change in corneal thickness and the change in corneal curvature with the eye number of the patients. "Thinning in the cornea thickness was more pronounced in hard lens wearers than in soft lens wearers"

Many factors can cause changes in the cornea.

Reminding that the cause of the changes in the cornea is not known precisely, many factors can cause Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz, “These are; decrease in the oxygen level in the cornea, biochemical changes due to oxygen deficiency, mechanical trauma of hard lenses, change in tear density, decrease in the number of cells forming the cornea. "Although this change in the cornea was mostly seen in the epithelial layer, which is the foremost layer, it was also observed in the middle layer of the cornea, which is the thickest and responsible for its endurance."

Contact lenses are worn from person to person and zamvaries according to the moment

Emphasizing that in addition to the change in corneal thickness, thinning in the cornea is shown as the cause of the steepening in the cornea, Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz, “The most common question asked by patients using contact lenses is 'has the lens made an effect on my eye, how much more lenses can I use or can I have laser surgery?' are questions like. Unfortunately, they do not have a definitive answer. Because the answers to all these questions vary from person to person. zamIt may also vary according to the moment.

Periodic inspection is important

Underlining the importance of periodic examinations, especially of those who wear contact lenses for a long time, Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yılmaz said, “It is important to choose the appropriate lenses, to replace the existing lenses with more suitable lenses in case of negative effects, or to take a break from lens use. In order to detect possible changes in the cornea due to the use of lenses, patients who want to undergo refractive surgery (laser surgery) should have eye examinations, if necessary, by interrupting the use of lenses for a while ”.

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