Causes Liver Failure? What are the Symptoms of Liver Failure?

Nowadays, increasing inactivity and high calorie eating habits cause fatty liver to become widespread rapidly. This disease, which is the most rapidly increasing cause of liver failure requiring organ transplantation in children and adults under the age of 40, threatens one out of every 4 people in our country!

Pointing out that fatty liver usually progresses without symptoms, Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya, "Liver fatty zamIt is vital to intervene immediately. Because when the amount of fat increases, inflammation can occur in the liver. This inflammation can cause liver failure, even liver cancer. Therefore, even if there is no complaint, it is very important for every individual with risk factors to be screened annually, and those who do not have risk factors for fattening, within the routine check-up programs recommended according to their age, in order to diagnose liver fat early. says.

Pay attention to these risk factors!

The liver located in the upper right side of our abdomen; It performs important functions such as cleansing toxins in the blood, helping the body's detox system and producing bile secretion. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, the liver, which helps the process of drugs in the body, also plays a role in blood clotting, has nearly 500 tasks. Fatty liver is defined as the accumulation of fat in the cells that make up this organ. Although alcohol use plays an important role in fatty liver, not all fat is caused by this reason. Dr. Ozan Kocakaya said, “Liver fat is seen in two ways. There may be no inflammatory damage in the liver yet, or there may be an inflammatory condition in the liver. This picture is called fatty liver inflammation. "Excess weight, diabetes, high cholesterol and some treatments are factors that cause fatty liver."

The diagnosis is usually made by chance

Stating that lipoidosis in the liver usually does not cause symptoms, it can only be detected during examinations performed for other reasons or during regular screenings to maintain health. Ozan Kocakaya continues as follows: “The diagnosis of fatty liver is made by examination and upper abdominal ultrasonography. After the diagnosis is made, imaging methods such as ultrasound, tomography and MRI are used as well as various tests to determine whether there is inflammation in the liver and whether the liver is functioning. Sometimes a liver biopsy may be required. In this case, a small liver tissue is taken with a thin needle and the cells are examined under a microscope. Thus, information about the extent of the damage and the level of inflammation is obtained. "

May result in liver failure

ZamLiver inflammations in the fatty liver that are not immediately intervened can progress and cause a serious and irreversible disease called 'cirrhosis'. Stating that cirrhosis manifests itself with symptoms such as "swelling in the legs, fluid accumulation in the abdomen, shortness of breath and fatigue", Dr. Ozan Kocakaya said, “In addition to cirrhosis or liver failure, inflammation of the fatty liver zamEven before the development of cirrhosis, it can directly lead to liver cancer. For this reason, those who have inflammatory damage due to fatty liver should see a doctor regularly and have their liver functions and structure checked. " says.

Reach the ideal weight, eat a Mediterranean type diet

With the treatment of fatty liver, the progress of the problem can be stopped and the existing fat can be completely regressed. Target in treatment; removing the factors that cause this picture. Noting that it is important for the patients to reach the ideal weight by losing weight, keeping the blood sugar level under control and reducing the cholesterol level. Ozan Kocakaya said, “If the patient uses a treatment that exhausts the liver, this treatment can also be stopped. All these measures reduce both the burden of the liver and your risk of heart disease and stroke. " says. Changes in lifestyle are effective in many patients who have fatty liver problems. Emphasizing that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is necessary to prevent fatty liver, Dr. Ozan Kocakaya states that a "Mediterranean type" diet with limited intake of flour, sugar and animal foods, regular exercise and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption will accelerate the recovery of fat.

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