Proper Cheese Consumption is Very Important in Older Years

Cheese, which strengthens bones and has a higher nutritional content than other dairy products, is of great importance in advanced ages. Muratbey also draws attention with its products that are less salty and enriched with vitamin D that contribute to bone health, which the elderly can easily consume.

Experts point out the importance of cheese in nutrition at older ages during the Respect for the Elderly Week between 18-24 March every year.

Muratbey Nutrition Consultant Prof. Dr. Stating that it is important for elderly individuals to have adequate and balanced nutrition and to be physically active, Muazzez Garipağaoğlu said:

“With advancing age, many physiological changes in the body, taste, smell and vision are weakened, metabolism slows down, absorption decreases, tooth loss, appetite changes, loneliness with loss of family and friends increases, osteoporosis and many diseases, especially osteoporosis, is known to increase. As a result of all these, it is a fact that elderly people are inadequate and unbalanced, they are also selective in the foods they consume, and they prefer soft and juicy foods. "

Watch out for vitamin D and calcium duo

Stating that the decrease in muscle mass and strength in elderly individuals causes a decrease in physical activity, Garipağaoğlu said, “As a result of inactivity and malnutrition on the one hand, bone mineral density decreases in elderly individuals. This situation leads to osteoporosis, which is known as osteoporosis among the people. Osteoporosis is a disease that occurs when the bone becomes weaker and more fragile, affecting the entire skeletal system and thus the quality of life. In order to protect and support bone health, daily calcium needs must be met. The richest source of calcium is milk and dairy products. Calcium taken into the body is placed in the bones through vitamin D. Therefore, if vitamin D is insufficient in the body, calcium cannot function. Dietary sources of vitamin D are extremely limited. For this reason, foods are enriched with vitamin D in developed countries to protect the general health of the society and to strengthen the immune system. Protein and calcium-rich cheese is a prominent food in the protection of bone health, ”he said.

Prof. Garipağaoğlu stated that there are varieties of cheeses with low salt, suitable for different tastes, soft-medium-hard and enriched with vitamin D in our country. He emphasized that because these cheeses are edible at every meal, they have a very important place in elderly nutrition.

Both low salt and vitamin D products

Conscious of the negative effects of salt on health, today's consumers are trying to reduce salt in their diets and behave selectively in the foods they buy. The innovative brand of the sector, Muratbey positions cheese as a healthy product that can be eaten at any time of the day and draws attention with its less salty products. Especially Burgu, Sürmeli and Topi cheeses of Muratbey; It is recommended for blood pressure, cardiovascular patients, weight control or dieters. Enriched with Vitamin D; “Muratbey Misto and Muratbey Plus cheeses”, which are strong in terms of calcium, protein and phosphorus, also act as a shield against osteoporosis. Only 100 grams of Muratbey Plus Burgu, Plus Fresh Cheddar, Plus Fresh white and Muratbey Misto products contain 5 mcg of vitamin D. 100 grams of these products, the Ministry of Health of Turkey Nutrition Guide (TUBE), than meets 2 percent of the daily vitamin D requirement that all individuals over age 33.

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