Hydrogen Era in Races with Hyundai and Forze Motorsport

hydrogen period in races with hyundai and forze motorsport
hydrogen period in races with hyundai and forze motorsport

Hyundai signed another project in partnership with Forze Hydrogen Racing. Closely following the developments in the fuel cell and the same zamThe company called Forze, which currently designs hydrogen-powered electric racing cars, is a young and dynamic team of more than 60 students. Forze, which will complete its first facility in 2021, will later produce its first official racing car in 2022. As part of this project, the special vehicle, which is expected to be the fastest fuel cell racing car in the world, will reach over 300 km / h in less than three seconds.

The car, with a total weight of 1.500 kg, will be equipped with two 240W fuel cells. In addition, with its 600W electric motor, it will transmit its power equally to four wheels. The Forze team, which is entirely composed of students, will also receive assistance from Hyundai Motor European Technical Center (HMETC) experts and engineers for technical support.

Tyrone Johnson, Vehicle Development Manager of Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center, said the following about the project. “Forze is a team of young minds enthusiastic about bringing fuel cell mobility to the racetracks. As Hyundai, we are happy to enter into this partnership with Forze. By combining our expertise in the field of fuel cells with Forze's interest in racetracks, we are enabling very exciting products to be born for the future ”.

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