Hyundai 2021 Spring Campaigns

hyundai ioniq redefines electric mobility
hyundai ioniq redefines electric mobility

Making its mark on the automotive market by introducing new models one after another, Hyundai continues to make a name for itself with its effective works. Hyundai offers discounts of up to 68.500 TL to those who buy a new car in March. Attractive models in all segments provide zero interest rates and favorable conditions. Customers can also request door-to-door delivery by performing all their transactions without leaving home.

Making its mark on the automotive market by introducing new models one after another, Hyundai continues to make a name for itself with its effective works. Preparing a new sales campaign for March to cover all models, Hyundai offers very special advantages to customers who want to buy zero-kilometer cars.

The Hyundai i10 and i20, which are welcomed by Turkish consumers with their practical usage features and spacious interior, become advantageous with 0 interest opportunities in March. The successful model of the A segment, the i10, is offered for sale for 50.000 months for 12 TL, and the i20 with aesthetic design features in the B segment for 12 months with a loan of 100.000 TL at zero interest and prices starting from 146.000 TL. Hyundai offers a discount of up to 10 TL for the i10.500 model and up to 20 TL for the i21.800 to its customers who want to buy in cash.

The ambitious model KONA in the B-SUV segment, which has been put on the market again in the past months, is waiting for its owner with a discount of up to 62.900 TL or a loan opportunity of 80.000 percent for 12 months of 0.99 TL. C-SUV segment is one of Turkey's most admired model in Tucson N Luna hardware options is $ 100.000, 12 months zero interest up to TRY 68.500 and also offered superior sales advantage.

Expressing his opinions about this special campaign that will be valid in March, Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said, “In these first days of the spring months, everyone's dream is to buy a new car. We, as the Hyundai family, offer advantageous opportunities in our range of models that meet the demands of consumers in all aspects ”. Berkel his words continued as follows: "In Turkey we produce the i10 and i20 models best suited to the taste of Turkish consumers cars in their respective segments. In addition, we continue our claim this year in TUCSON and KONA, which were at the top of their segments last year. We offer unmissable opportunities especially in these proven SUV models. As it has been for many years, our aim is to create happy and satisfied customers. In this direction, we have developed a very special campaign for March by saying Hyundai is the address of the advantage. We have made purchasing processes more attractive with our advantageous prices as well as zero-interest loan options. Our goal is for anyone who wants to have a new car without waiting any longer and to get these important opportunities. zamturn it into an advantage without passing a moment, ”he said.

All authorized dealers of Hyundai in Turkey within this campaign will be valid until March 31, will receive the delivery at the door of the vehicle by performing a purchase without leaving the house customers who wish.

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