Aircraft carrier version of the HÜRJET fighter jet may come

TUSAŞ system engineer Yasin Kaygusuz, who attended the Yıldız Technical University Defense Summit, stated that they are trying to take off and land from short runway aircraft carriers.

Yasin Kaygusuz, who made a presentation about system engineering and TAI at the summit, said, "Are there any works for landing and taking off from TCG Anatolia? Stating that they work for short-runway aircraft carriers,

“TCG Anadolu went to the water. TCG Anadolu is not a vessel to be modified from now on, but other ships are coming from behind. TCG Trakya is coming and our President and Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir signaled that there would be other ships in the future. Whether we get off the short runway aircraft carriers or not, we worked on it. HÜRJET have a training aircraft and armed variants we see that we are trying to roles but may be the version heard in the case of the Republic of Turkey hürjet aircraft carrier needs. The need must first be defined. First of all, our state should say that we need it like this. " made statements.

TUSAŞ System Engineering Manager Yasin Kaygusuz explained that HÜRJET has passed the CDR, the Critical Design Review phase, and has begun to be created. Kaygusuz stated that the jet trainer HÜRJET will be the "light attack" version of the HÜRJET-C and stated that the first metal cutting process and code writing were carried out within the scope of the HÜRJET project.

In January 2021, TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil stated that in 2021, it could be seen in HÜRJET with its body engine installed. The first flight of HÜRJET is planned to take place in 2022, after the completion of the prototype production and ground tests.

"HÜRJET fighter jet LHD TCG can be deployed to ANADOLU"

Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made important statements regarding the "new dimension" of the HÜRJET project on the bets on alternative warplanes to the F-35B to deploy on the "aircraft carrier".

SSB İsmail Demir stated that with the introduction of the TCG ANATOLIAN LHD to the inventory, the SİHA will be deployed with an approach that will be the first in the world, and announced that HÜRJET was also discussed in this context. In his speech, Demir said, “We said let's start with UAVs. We talked to HÜRJETİ TUSAŞ. He is working on the subject of 'can something be done that can land and take off the ship'. " had made statements.

Source: defenceturk

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