A ceremony was held in Elazig for 11 soldiers who were martyred in the helicopter crash

A farewell ceremony was held in Elazığ for our 11 heroic comrades who were martyred in the helicopter crash in Bitlis. The ceremony was attended by Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander Gen. Ümit Dündar, Deputy Minister of Interior İsmail Çataklı, Elazig Governor Erkaya Yırık, Bingöl Governor Kadir Ekinci, Tunceli Governor Mehmet Ali Özkan, families of martyrs, comrades and other officials. joined.

The bodies of our martyrs who were brought to Elazig Airport, where the ceremony was held by ambulances, wrapped in the Turkish flag, were put on the catafalque on the shoulders of their comrades.

The résumés of our martyrs were read at the ceremony, where a minute of silence was made. After the prayer and halalness read by the Provincial Mufti Selami Aydın, the funerals of our martyrs were sent to Ankara by military plane for the state ceremony.


Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar made a statement to the journalists after the farewell ceremony held for our 11 martyrs. Stating that Martyr 8th Corps Commander Lieutenant General Osman Erbaş had great services and was a beloved friend, Minister Akar said: “He was a friend of ours who had great services to our Armed Forces. Unfortunately, we lost my hand like this as a result of an accident. Thanks to all of us, our nation. We thank all institutions, individuals and contributors. Our Elazig citizens provided a lot of support. Our Governor, Mayor and friends. Thanks to all our people, be present. The condition of our injured is good now. "

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