Safe Breathing Space Reduces Contamination Risk in Restaurants and Cafes

During the pandemic process, with the announcement of controlled normalization decisions, restaurants and cafes throughout the country start their activities with a capacity of 50 percent, except for “very high risk” provinces.

Restaurants and cafes that we go to have something to eat and drink are the most unmasked after our homes. zamBurak Yakupoğlu, Chairman of Froumann, who said that they are the places we will spend the moment, said, "Keeping the ambient air in EPA criteria plays a key role in protection from viruses".

During the pandemic process, with the announcement of controlled normalization decisions, restaurants and cafes throughout the country start their activities with a capacity of 50 percent, except for “very high risk” provinces. This development once again brings the importance of air quality in places such as restaurants and cafes to the top of the agenda. Burak Yakupoğlu, Chairman of Froumann Professional Air Cleaning Systems, said, "It is a pleasing development that cafes and restaurants are restarting their activities within the framework of the determined criteria", stating that the ventilation in the eating and drinking places is much more important in this process and gave the following information:

"Unmasked at most zamThe places we will spend the moment are restaurants and cafes ”

“SARS CoV-2 is a virus with a high risk of transmission, especially in indoor environments. For this reason, keeping the air clean in the indoor areas of restaurants and cafes is of great importance in terms of health. We have the chance to stop without removing our masks in areas such as grocery stores, hospitals, offices, schools and post offices. However, the most unmasked environments are restaurants and cafes. Because we will eat and drink in these places. Therefore, we will take off our mask. In these environments where we will take off our masks, businesses need to keep the air quality at the values ​​determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). "

Stating that the researches show that the heating-cooling systems are not hygienic as they distribute the existing air in the environment and increase the transmission of epidemics, Yakupoğlu said, “Children, the elderly, diabetics and people with kidney failure are more at risk during the pandemic process. "Improving ambient ventilation is key to preventing viruses in this process," he said.

Increases the risk of virus transmission

Given that the Covid-19 suspended in the air is transmitted by breathing, Yakupoğlu stated that the heating-cooling systems that draw the indoor air and give the same air back to the environment also eliminate the social distance in this way, and that the contamination may increase due to the circulation of the same air within the space. gave the following information:

“With the pandemic, many things in our lives are changing, we have to accept this fact. In the past, indoor air was entrusted to conventional heating-cooling systems. Devices that enable indoor air to come to standards suitable for human health have now become a necessity. At this point, ventilation systems that can attract viruses and bacteria in indoor air, filter them, create a safe breathing space and have no negative effects on human health come to the fore. "

It is possible to provide safe breathing space in restaurants and cafes

Burak Yakupoğlu stated that it is now possible to breathe the quality air safely by creating a "safe breathing space" wherever Froumann is "the first in the world" with its ability to filter the air by pulling it from the breathing level. He said that they allow them to take it off. Burak Yakupoğlu continued his words as follows:

“You can safely breathe in high quality air by creating a 'safe breathing space' with Froumann Professional Air Purifier, which draws attention with its modern designs as well as offering comfortable use with its practical mobility thanks to its wheels. Froumann is the first brand to prove with university tests that it filters 19 percent of SARS CoV-2 virus with tests performed at İnönü University Turgut Özal Medical Center Molecular Microbiology Laboratory, which is the COVID-99 Diagnostic Laboratory Authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. It can filter all pollutants, including viruses, that can remain suspended in indoor air for a long time. Froumann, the first Turkish brand approved by the European Allergy Research Center (ECARF), also has the feature of keeping all 14 micron and larger particles in the air at 0,3% efficiency by ultra-sensitive filtration thanks to the H99,97 HEPA filter used in its designs.

Froumann, which has five different models, N100 SDS, N90 SDS, N100, N90, N80, which can be used in different sized spaces, can filter the air in all indoor environments starting from 100 square meters up to 300 square meters. From this point of view, the importance of Froumann not only for cafes and restaurants but also for all areas with high human traffic such as schools, hospitals, markets and stores becomes even more evident.

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