What Should Be Considered When Choosing Reliable Food?

While the changing world order affects the eating habits as well as the lifestyle, the consciousness of healthy life directs the consumers to search for “safe food”.

When buying food; Underlining the need to stay away from products that are sold in the open, without the approval or registration of the Ministry, and whose packaging is damaged, Food Engineer Ebru Akdağ stated that there is vital information on packaged foods and drew attention to the importance of food literacy.

Stating that the pandemic period teaches us better that we should seek "safe foods", not miracle foods, Ebru Akdağ shared the points that should be considered in food selection.

Unpackaged food is food without identification or shield.

Food Engineer Ebru Akdağ, General Coordinator of the Association of Culinary Products and Margarine Industrialists (MÜMSAD), who defines safe food as free from the factors that cause spoilage and contamination and does not pose any health risks throughout its shelf life, states that the best choice at this point is packaged foods with brand recognition. Akdağ said, “Safe packaged foods are produced in accordance with legal regulations, produced within the scope of quality management systems and are in the control mechanism. For this reason, consumers should prefer reliable outlets and reliable companies with Ministry approval or registration in food selection, ”he said.

Adding that packaged products are also very important for food literacy awareness, Akdağ; “It is very important that we improve our food literacy, both in this respect and in making choices by knowing what the label information means. Information on the label of the product such as nutritional values, expiry date and allergens should be checked. He warned that the packaging is damaged and the products outside the cabinet should not be purchased even though they should be kept in the cold ”.

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