FIRTINA-2 New Generation Fire Control System

The Storm Howitzer, one of the most important weapon systems in the Fire Support Automation System of the Turkish Armed Forces, greatly increases the firepower of the Turkish Artillery.

“T-155 K / M FIRTINA Howitzer New Generation Fire Control System” is a system that enables the transfer, deployment, preparation for fire, fire management and fire control operations of the FIRTINA Howitzer to be performed with the help of computers and digital integration with other fire support elements.

The Fire Control System consists of units that carry out the operations from the receipt of a fire order sent via voice or data communication on the howitzer until the bullet leaves the barrel. Storm howitzers have successfully accomplished many tasks since they were included in the KKK's inventory.

In the future period, "New Generation Fire Control System" was designed in accordance with the developments in the battlefield and in the technological field.


General features:

  • Ballistic Computer
  • Inertial Navigation System
  • First Speed ​​Measurement Radar
  • Automatic Barrel and Turret Guidance System
  • Automatic Bullet Loading System
  • Bullet Magazine System
  • SARP Remote Control Weapon System
  • Commander, Gunner, Loader and Driver Console
  • Driver Day and Night Driving System
  • Automatic Barrel Path Lock
  • Gunpowder Conditioning System
  • Slip Ring
  • Auxiliary Power Unit
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Power Management System


  • Electric, precise and automatic muzzle and turret guidance and bullet loading functions
  • Visual shooting capability in day and night conditions with 12,7 mm Gun and 155 mm Main Gun
  • Fully automatic and fast bullet filling functions
  • on target zamExecution of all artillery shooting tasks such as moment, arrangement, effect shooting
  • Automatic measurement of gunpowder temperature and calculating ballistic calculations.
  • Increased situational awareness with crew consoles
  • Simplified and inclusion of automatic muzzle lock use
  • Fire planning and firing mission execution in digital environment
  • Fast deployment and deployment
  • Fast and precise ballistic calculation using "NATO Armaments Ballistic Kernel (NABK)"
  • Digital communication with fire support, command control and communication systems
  • Mission-oriented and menu-driven graphical user interface
  • Safe driving with driver day and night vision systems

Source: defenceturk

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