Attention to the Use of Antibiotics in Dentistry!

Antibiotics are a very important drug group that save lives in some cases when used correctly. The presence of bacteria that become resistant to antibiotics after continuous use of antibiotics may cause antibiotics to not work in the future.

Bacteria used in dentistry are antibiotics with bactericidal properties, that is, they have a lethal effect on bacteria. It is a big mistake to use it unnecessarily, as it will kill the beneficial bacteria of the body.

Should I use antibiotics before tooth extraction?

This is the most common picture we dentists encounter. Our patients want to use medication in order to feel safe before shooting. Contrary to popular belief, the use of antibiotics in dentistry is very limited.

Caries formation mechanism

Teeth have three layers, the outer layer of which is the protective layer of the tooth, the enamel layer. In this layer where the decay starts, the patient does not feel anything. The second layer is the dentine layer. The bruise begins to manifest itself in this area and the patient begins to feel pain in hot and cold weather. After the dentin layer, the decay that progresses to the nerves of the tooth, namely the pulp (core) layer, begins to give unbearable pain. After the body's response to decay bacteria, the nerves start to hit the tooth wall, causing severe pain.

For this reason, the patient feels swelling in the area of ​​the decayed tooth and thinks that his face is swollen and wants to use medication. In fact, this gives the message that you should only go to the dentist.

Ne zamShould I use antibiotics at the moment?

Prophylaxis is one of the most important situations. Prophylaxis refers to the use of medication to prevent bacteremia before surgical procedures in dentistry. If the patient has a heart valve prosthesis, if he has hereditary heart diseases, if he has a history of febrile rheumatism, he should definitely use antibiotics before the procedures.

If a tooth-borne infection grows and affects the body's system, if the fever gives symptoms of weakness and chills in the patient, antibiotics should be used in consultation with the patient's physician.

Antibiotic use after implant surgery

Mucosa in the mouth is semi-permeable. It is in constant contact with all beneficial and harmful bacteria. We have to protect our wound area from these pathogens both during and after implant surgery. Same zamAntibiotics are used especially for prophylactic purposes in order to minimize the effect of unknown infection foci in the body and in patients who cannot fulfill the post-op care criteria.

What Should the Patient Do?

Patients should be protected from a possible surprise pain picture by going through regular dentist control every 6 months. Must share all past diseases with the dentist. It should follow the doctor's recommendations completely.

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