The Secret of Pine Cone Revealed

Istanbul University Molecular Medicine doctor Dr. Hande Karagedik has recently launched the food supplement syrup produced from seaside pine cone as a result of long studies. Combining herbs and modern medicine, Karagedik revealed how important cone is for health.

Pine cone, which has a widespread use all over the world, first appeared in the northern regions of China as a "Traditional Chinese Medicine" and then began to be used in many countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy after World War II. Cone treatment, adopted by the World Health Organization in the 2s, strengthens the immune system and provides a solution to upper respiratory tract ailments.

7% overall in the pine forests of the world, while the forests in the northern hemisphere, where 23% of Turkey, has the most fertile soil in this regard. Karagedik scientist who discovered the property of the cone grows in Turkey receives special permission to collect the active ingredient which is rich in maritime pine cones produced PINEST of Pineda. The syrup, licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, does not contain any additives and is suitable for use by people of all ages, including children over the age of four.

To prevent his aunt from coughing when she was young, Dr. Hande Karagedik used the healing power of cone to improve people's quality of life. Semi at Işık University zamDr. Hande Karagedik work with Turkey and Turkey is the representation of women in the best way.

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