These Beverages Disrupt Dental Health

The President of the Global Dentistry Association, Dentist Zafer Kazak, gave information about the subject. Everything we eat and drink has an effect on your teeth. Some drinks can not only stain your teeth, but also soften tooth enamel. This causes your teeth to be more sensitive and easily decay. If you're trying to live a healthier life, discover how your drinking can damage your teeth and what could be better instead.

Does soda harm the tooth?

You may think soda is innocent and useful. The truth is that especially those with fruit contain acid and sugar that will harm your females. A single bottle even contains more than the recommended daily amount of sugar. Also, many sodas have been added citric or phosphoric acid to make them drink easier and more enjoyable, which can wear down the enamel protecting your teeth.

Is fruit juice harmful to our teeth?

You may think juice is a healthier alternative to soda. Whereas fruit juices contain as much sugar as a bottle of soda. Fruit juices also contain much more acid than a natural fruit. If you can't give up fruit juice, you can choose low sugar options. Another solution is; By diluting your fruit juice with half water, you can at least lower the acid and sugar ratio.

Vegetable juice and our teeth

It's sure to be a healthier choice than fruit juice. The healthiest alternatives when preparing vegetable juice;

It can be spinach, cabbage, celery, parsley, broccoli, cucumber. They contain both calcium and vitamin C and B vitamins that can help fight gum problems. If you want some flavor in your vegetable stock, you can add carrots or apples.

The effect of wine on teeth

If you want a glass of wine to accompany a delightful dinner, consider choosing red wine instead of white wine. White wine is more acidic and causes more damage to your tooth enamel. When drinking red wine, brush your teeth immediately to help reduce the amount of staining on your teeth.

Is tea good for teeth?

Each type of tea has a different effect on your teeth. It has been determined that drinking green tea has positive effects on prevention of decay and gum health. Brewed black teas have a pH above 5.5, which makes them safer for tooth enamel, so it's okay to consume them in abundance. In addition, many iced teas have a low pH, so they have detrimental effects on tooth enamel. Also, some iced teas are not a healthy alternative for teeth due to their high sugar content.

The effect of water on teeth?

The best option for your teeth and health is of course water. Apart from being a healthy option, it helps to clean your teeth by washing the foods, acids, bacteria and sugars left in the oral cavity as soon as you drink. In addition, it regulates the pH balance in your mouth and does not make you fat because it has no calories. It also helps increase saliva, which contains minerals that protect your teeth against decay.

Mineral water and teeth

It may not seem like a bad drink option, as the majority of it is water. However, these drinks can have low pH levels between 2.74 and 3.34. This makes it more abrasive to your enamel than a bottle of orange juice. Therefore, it is one of the drinks you should avoid if you want to live healthier and protect your teeth.

The benefits of milk for teeth?

Milk is a great option for a healthy smile. Milk is rich in calcium that helps strengthen teeth and bones. In addition, the casein in its content strengthens the tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay. It also surpasses other drinks in being a great choice with its phosphorus content that helps protect and repair tooth enamel. Are sports drinks really harmful to teeth?

Although sports drinks are marketed to restore the vitamins and minerals you lose during exercise, many of them contain more sugar than some carbonated beverages, even up to 19 grams per bottle. Even worse, the amount of sodium they contain is almost the same as a packet of chips. This amount of sugar and sodium means extra calories after exercise, as well as damage to your tooth enamel.

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