Aprilia Tuono 660 in Turkey Expected Sales

aprilia tuono in turkey
aprilia tuono in turkey

Italian Aprilia, which has a special place in the hearts of motorcycle lovers, has managed to combine performance and original design with its new model Tuono 660.

In addition to its impressive sportive performance, it creates excitement as it enters the season with its assertive look and colors. The Tuono 4, which carries the genes of its brother Tuono V1100 660, whose wrist cannot bend, has come to make a difference in its segment with its unrivaled power / weight ratio. With its new generation 183cc double-cylinder engine producing 95 kg of empty weight and 660 HP power and 5 different driving modes, it enjoys both track and daily use. It is offered for sale by Doğan Trend Otomotiv with a launch price of TL 129 under the assurance of Doğan Holding.

Aprilia introduced Tuono 660, its representative in the sports naked category, to the world markets. With its superior technical structure, advanced electronic systems and 95 HP double cylinder engine, the Tuono 660 appeals to anyone looking for performance and maximum fun. Featuring the best weight-to-power ratio in the sports naked class, the Tuono 660 excites the track experiences with its design based on the chassis architecture of the Aprilia V4, produced for the racing world. Same zamWith its compact size, single or passenger use, maneuverability and equipment features, it makes urban use fun. Tuono 660; With its advanced technology that includes riding modes and safe sports riding features, it meets the needs of the new generation motorcycle enthusiasts after the Aprilia RS 660. The new Tuono 129, which is offered for sale in our country with a price of 900 thousand 660 TL, is ahead of its competitors in attractiveness with its eye-catching color-graphic combinations.

Stylish and original design

Standing out as a motorcycle that can be accessed and used by a wide range of users, the Tuono 660 differs from the sports naked models with its unique appearance. Surrounded by a DRL profile on the upper fairing, the LED headlight unit offers an original look. The signal lamps in the profiles complete the compact structure of the front section. The seat, which offers a comfortable session with its ideal hardness filling material, zamWith its form with thinned sides, it facilitates the feet to step on the ground and maneuvers. The Tuono 660 is optionally available with a single-seat tail design without a passenger. The exhaust placed under the engine gives more freedom of movement by better positioning the passenger footrests. The fuel tank, which is ideally integrated into the body, offers a capacity of 15 liters. Tuono 660, as in Aprilia's most sporty models; All non-essential elements such as mirrors, passenger foot supports and license plate brackets can be removed quickly. The Tuono 660's swing arm is directed directly to the engine to create a light and minimalist structure. Adjustable shock absorbers, which are mounted in a way that does not require additional connections, contribute to the weight advantage.

Aprilia aerodynamics and ergonomics

The Tuono 660 was produced for a wider audience, starting from a motorcycle designed for the racing world in terms of chassis architecture. The upper fairing fixed to the frame in the Tuono 660 stands out, reflecting the design language of all Aprilia models. This feature, which reduces the weight of the front and is uncommon in classic sports naked motorcycles, provides superior protection against road wind. Dual body element concept with reduced body surface and aerodynamic spoiler of the Aprilia RS 660; It supports an optimum design that offers lightness, performance and comfort. The pressure of the air directed between the two body element walls improves stability at high speeds and increases driving comfort by directing the hot air coming out of the engine. Designed without increasing the weight, the wide handlebar offers comfort and comfort, especially in urban rides. The ergonomics provided by the Tuono 660 seat-footrest-handlebar trilogy; It does not tire the driver on long journeys by providing a comfortable fit and a controlled ride with different heights. Thanks to the foot rests with not too high, vibration-damping rubber inserts, the legs are bent correctly.

Best weight / power ratio with new 95 HP twin cylinder engine

When the light structure and compact dimensions of the Tuono 660 are combined with its superior engine performance, driving control turns into pleasure. Redesigned for use in all new Aprilias and used in the RS 660 model, the twin-cylinder engine produces 660 HP at 10.500 rpm in the new Tuono 95, while providing a maximum cycle of 11.500 rpm. The new generation and compact size 660 cc forward-facing engine produces 8.500 Nm of maximum torque at 67 rpm, while 80 percent of the total torque is at 4.000 rpm and 90 percent at 6.250 rpm. also provides. In addition, the Tuono 660 is available with a 35 kW motor version for new drivers. The twin-cylinder engine, which has also proven itself in the Aprilia V4 model, is offered in the Tuono 660 with 81 mm diameter and 63,9 mm stroke. Using this technology in the V4 brings exceptional performance considering the high piston speed.

Engine; In addition to its positioning that contributes to the freedom of design, it offers an effective heat dissipation with its facing to the front and provides comfort to the user. Asymmetrically designed long exhaust manifolds and double wall system contribute to the cooling system. Under conditions such as acceleration, braking and tilting in turns, wet sump lubrication that hangs down and surrounds the intake manifold for best lubrication. With 270 ° angled crank pins zamThanks to understanding, a sound and performance specific to the V-Twin engine is provided, revealing the combative and aggressive character. The injection system of the Tuono 660 includes a pair of throttle bodies with a diameter of 48 mm with different lengths of intake ducts for an optimized distribution at high and medium revs. The electric throttle, transferred from the Aprilia V4, provides smooth and lively throttle reactions, while also supporting superior performance and ideal fuel consumption.

Improved braking and Pirelli Diablo Rossa Corsa tires

Quality cast aluminum frame and swing arm make Tuono 660 lightweight, 183 kg, fun and easy to drive. Tuono 660; With its monoblock structure, 660 mm wheelbase, 1370 ° handlebar head angle and handlebar plates with different offsets, it offers an agile and agile ride compared to the RS 24,1. Again, the quality cast aluminum frame and swing allow fun and easy driving. While the sensual and sensitive structure at the front provides high road holding, it provides a faster and more sporty driving on the tracks with lots of bends. There is a 660mm Kayaba inverted fork on the front of the Tuono 41. The all-Brembo braking system, including a pair of 320mm steel discs, a pair of radial brake calipers and a radial master cylinder on the handlebar, supports safe distance stopping. High-performance Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II tires in size 120/70 ZR 17 at the front and 180/55 ZR 17 at the rear contribute to driving safety and handling.

Complete control with advanced electronic systems

Aprilia, the first manufacturer to introduce electronic throttle control in 2007, is also using pioneering technologies in the new Tuono 660. Aprilia Tuono 660; Equipped with the most comprehensive electronic systems in its class for more performance and greater safety. APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control), developed in high-level races and shown as the most advanced system in the world of motorcycling, ensures that the performance pleasure of the Tuono 660 is enjoyed safely. Aprilia Traction Control (ATC) within the scope of APRC supports sporty rides with its adjustable working principle. Aprilia Wheelie Control (AWC) softens and balances the contact with the road as an adjustable wheel lift control system. Aprilia Cruise Control (ACC) keeps the driving speed constant at the set speed. Aprilia Engine Brake (AEB) manages the engine brake while slowing down with its tuned structure. Aprilia Engine Map (AEM) adjusts engine characteristics and power generation.

Multi functional electronic equipment

Aprilia Tuono 660 is also advantageous with functions that provide the most comprehensive data and provide maximum security. The "six-axis inertia platform", which records the driving situation of the motorcycle on the road with accelerometers and gyroscopes, contributes to the user's driving awareness. In addition, when the "Cornering" feature of the multi-map ABS is activated, safety increases without compromising the sporty performance of the motorcycle. In this context, brake movement is controlled by a special algorithm that constantly monitors various parameters such as pressure applied to the front brake lever, tilt and yaw angle. With control, there is a balance between deceleration and stability. The Tuono 660 also includes the electronic transmission AQS - Aprilia Quick Shift, which allows rapid gear changes without cutting the throttle or using the clutch. The clutchless downshift function, which is included in the system and without any hardware changes, also provides privileges.

The lighting design of Aprilia Tuono 660 also supports driving safety. While the light sensor automatically turns on the low beam headlights, in case of panic braking in an emergency, the quad flashers are automatically activated. The cornering lighting within the six-axis inertial platform also increases safety and attention.

5 different driving modes

Aprilia Tuono 660 has 5 different driving modes that maximize the driving experience and make it fun to use. In line with the driver's instantaneous driving requirements; Traction control, wheel lift control, engine brake, ABS and other parameters are activated depending on the selected mode. In this context; You can choose "Daily" mode for urban use, "Dynamic" for sportive driving, and "Personal" for the personalization of electronic systems. There are "Challenge", which brings the full potential of the Tuono 660 to use, and "Time Attack" driving mode, which allows the personalization of electronic systems.

Multimedia and Digital Displays

Electronic settings on the Aprilia Tuono 660 are handled by the four-button control on the left handlebar, cruise control and traction control system controls. The TFT digital instrument panel with light sensor, which offers different display options, has two screen themes, road and track. Aprilia MIA, the infotainment system platform, crowns the charm of the Tuono 660 with the functions it offers. Thanks to Aprilia MIA, the smartphone can be connected to the motorcycle, while the instrument cluster functions are further improved. Also via voice assistant or intuitive handlebar controls; phone calls, music and navigation features are managed and smartphone battery consumption is reduced. Aprilia MIA also allows the driver to record travel routes and analyze data with telemetry functionality.

Colors and design that stand out

Reflecting its pioneering identity in motorcycle colors to the Tuono 660, Aprilia draws attention with its ambitious graphic schemes in its new model. In addition to the Acidic Gold offered with the RS 660, the bright gray-red combination Iridium Gray and Concept Black combinations with a bright red accent are presented to the wider audience, making the traces of Aprilia's racing heritage.

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