Azerbaijan Shares ROKETSAN's TRLG-230 Missile Images

Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense shared the shooting footage of ROKETSAN's new generation artillery rocket TRLG-230.

Images of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, “Video footage depicting the destruction of the enemy's military vehicles and manpower during the Patriotic War by the sensitive fire of the rocket-artillery and anti-tank troops of the Azerbaijan ArmyServed with ”. The served footage also includes the TRLG-230 missile system, which was previously transmitted by Defense Turk.

In January 2021, images of the New Generation Artillery missile TRLG-230 system developed by ROKETSAN were shared by Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh War, which resulted in an absolute victory. The carrier vehicle profile in the aforementioned images significantly matched those seen in the test images of the missile's exit from the launch vehicle and its flight profile in August 2020.

Kamaz type truck was used as the carrier vehicle in the test shot performed by ROKETSAN. Kamaz type carrier vehicles are also used by the Azerbaijani army. The profile and camouflage of the vehicle in the images coincided with the carrier Kamaz vehicle of the TRG-300 Tiger Missile systems, which were previously supplied to the Azerbaijani army by ROKETSAN.

The aforementioned profile matches showed that the allegations could be true. Laser Guided 230mm Missile System (TRLG-230) can hit targets marked by UAVs and armament from land. Considering the existence of Bayraktar TB2 systems and other laser marking elements that were exported to the Azerbaijan Army, we said that the TRLG-230 system was used as a "combat proven" combatant. It is clear that the possible joint use of the TRLG-230 system and Bayraktar TB2 in the Nagorno-Karabakh War strengthened the strength of the Azerbaijani soldiers in the field.

Test shot images within the scope of the laser seeker head integration study to the TRLG-2020 Missile System, which was launched by ROKETSAN in April 230, were published for the first time in August 2020. In these images, the laser marking target of Bayraktar TB2 SİHA produced by BAYKAR was successfully hit by the Laser Guided 230mm Missile System (TRLG-230).

The characteristics of the TRLG-230 missile are as follows:

  • Range: 70 km
  • Warhead: Destroyed + Steel Shot
  • Guidance:
    • GPS
    • Global Satellite Positioning System
    • Inertial Navigation System
    • Laser Seeker

Source: defenceturk

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