A Country from Europe is Interested in MİLGEM Corvettes

In an interview with journalist Hakan Çelik, Defense Industry President İsmail Demir said that a country from Europe is interested in MİLGEM ships.

Journalist Hakan Çelik, President of the Presidency Defense Industry Prof. Dr. He interviewed İsmail Demir on March 23, 2021. In the interview held at Roketsan facilities, Demir answered journalist Hakan Çelik's questions about the activities in the field of defense. Ismail Demir, said in an interview in Turkey's ship development work has also made some statements about what position it is in the world.

Hakan Çelik's "Where are we in ship development works?" Addressing the question of MİLGEM ships, Defense Industry President İsmail Demir stated that the first four ships are currently in service. Noting that the construction of the 5th ship is still continuing, Demir said that the number of countries that design and manufacture a ship of this class will not exceed 5 to 6 worldwide. Referring to the ship sale to Pakistan, İsmail Demir stated that a country from Europe is also interested in the ship in question.

Ukraine, Turkey will supply the Island class corvettes. According to the 2021 budget program of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, 137 million dollars were allocated for the first corvette to be received. According to the plans in the production of Wight class corvettes will be built in Ukraine for the first corvette was intended to be built in Turkey completely. But in Turkey, it was decided to build the first part of the body only at the initiative of the Ukrainian corvette. The remaining parts will be completed in Ukraine. With the change, all other corvettes will be built at Ukrainian facilities and with more domestic components and units. Construction of the corvettes will take place at the Ocean factory in Nikolaev.

As will be remembered, the first source of the 515rd MILGEM Corvette of the Pakistan Navy was laid at the launch ceremony of F 2021 TCG ISTANBUL, the first ship in the Class I Frigate Project, in January 3. Together with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Pakistan Ambassador Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi also attended the ceremony. While addressing the guests at the ceremony, President Erdogan is our brotherly country of Pakistan and said that enjoy excellent relations with Turkey. MILGEM project for the construction of warships to defend our Turkey-Pakistan defense cooperation which he said was a new milestone in ties.

between Turkey and Pakistan for the sale of 4 MILGEM Corvette

It is known that Pakistan will supply four ships under the agreement signed in September 2018. For the four ships, two of which are planned to be built in Istanbul Shipyard Command and two in Karachi, Pakistan, one corvette to be built in Istanbul and Karachi is expected to be included in the Pakistan Navy inventory in 2023. In addition to the information that the remaining two ships will enter the inventory in 2024, it is stated that the production process will take 54 months for the first ship, 60 months for the second ship, 66 months for the third ship, and 72 months for the last ship.

Source: defenceturk

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