Audi Reaches 2020 Billion Euro Sales Revenue in 50

audi rated the year
audi rated the year

Audi continued its sustainable mobility transformation with uninterrupted vigor in the challenging 2020 year in the shadow of the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the number of deliveries and sales revenues dropped significantly in the first half of the year, continuing its attack at the beginning of the third quarter in the second half of the year, reaching a sales revenue of approximately 50 billion Euros.

In 2020 the successful completion of the market the brand as the leader in the premium segment Audi also took part in Turkey. Audi AG evaluated the 2020 financial year with an online meeting.

Stating that they were struggling with difficulties in 2020, which was in the shadow of the pandemic that affected the whole world, Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi AG, said that they did everything necessary to get out of the crisis stronger. Stating that the global consequences of the corona epidemic are very decisive in the 2020 results, Duesman said, “Following the decline in automobile demand in all regions of the world, stability returned to the markets first in China, then in Europe and the USA in the fourth quarter. “We finally managed to close the year with a record number of deliveries,” he said. Stating that they had the most successful quarter in the history of the company in 2020, Duesmann said, “We achieved an operational revenue of 2020 percent in sales in 5,5. This success is the result of crisis management and above all, a strong team performance during the epidemic. I am very pleased with the willingness and flexibility of Audi employees to change. ” said.

In 2020, in the world automotive market, which shrank by 15 percent, Audi delivered 8 million 1 thousand 692 vehicles, shrinking 773 percent compared to the previous year, and successfully left the challenging year.
Starting the year with a bad picture, Audi reached the delivery figure of 505 thousand 583 units as the markets started to recover in the fourth quarter and achieved the most successful quarterly result in the history of the company.
The most important reasons for this success were the active corona crisis management of the company and visible recovery in core markets. Through the expansion of digital sales and services, Audi responded flexibly to the challenges of the corona pandemic.

Upper segment and SUVs are priority

The most important contribution to Audi's performance in 2020 on a model basis came from the upper class and SUV models; Q3 and A6 deliveries increased by 18,1 percent and 11,8 percent, respectively, compared to the previous year. Along with the Audi e-tron Sportback, the all-electric Audi e-tron became the best-selling electric vehicle worldwide by a German premium manufacturer, with demand growth almost 80 percent over the previous year. In the fiscal year 2020, a new best result was achieved by Audi Sport GmbH, with a 16,1 percent increase in deliveries compared to the previous year.

With ATP, it is aimed to save 2022 million Euros by 15

In this success of Audi AG, which achieved a sales revenue of 2020 million Euros (49.973: 2019 million) of the Audi Group in 55.680, the discipline in costs and investments was also prominent in addition to the increasing number of deliveries with the recovery of the markets.

With the successful implementation of the Audi Transformation Plan (ATP), a positive contribution was made to financial development. Measures of a total of 2,6 billion Euros have been implemented. These savings, which greatly affect the operating profit, are planned to be permanent in the coming years. The program, which started two years ago and aims to increase efficiency, has made a profit of 7 billion Euros. With this program, Audi aims to increase the figure to approximately 2022 billion Euros by 15.

35 billion Euros of the 15 billion Euros investment will go to electromobility.

The brand, which does not suspend its model and technology investments for the future, takes great steps in the electro-attack during the epidemic. Planning to announce the results of this attack with the investments planned in the next five years, Audi aims to transfer almost half of the total investment of 35 billion Euros to future technologies. It plans to allocate 15 billion Euros of this figure only for electromobility and hybridization.
With cautious optimism in 2021, Audi expects an improvement in the global economy due to further developments in connection with the corona epidemic.

class leader in Turkey

Where the most successful quarter in the history of Audi Audi in 2020 Turkey was also active as other markets. Audi 81,2'lik percent in 2020, an increase of 18 thousand 168 units sold in Turkey took place, in the premium segment showed a complete success as a leader. Q2, A3 Sportback and A3 sedan models of the demand on the market in Turkey was also shareholders in the success of the A4 and A6 models.

Model attack in 2021

Audi Turkey, especially with a new model offensive in 2021 also aims to strengthen its claim to be one of the most important players in this segment; In addition to the A3 Sportback and A3 Sedan models that were introduced to the market recently, the Q3, Q2 PI and Q5 models that will be launched in the third quarter of the year will also increase the momentum of the brand.

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