ASPİLSAN Enerji Will End Foreign Dependence with Li-Ion Battery Production


ASPİLSAN, which meets the mobile energy needs of the Turkish defense industry, laid the foundations of its production facility in Kayseri. ASPİLSAN Energy, one of the companies of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, feeding the domestic and national production attack, said “40. As “New ASPİLSAN Energy” in its year, it aims to take steps that will leave its mark on the sector.

ASPİLSAN Energy continues its studies on the Lithium-Ion battery production investment, which was laid on October 02, 2020. This cylindrical battery production investment is not only for ASPİLSAN Energy but also zamAt the same time, it is a first for our country and Europe. With the Lithium-Ion Battery Mass Production Facility, which will be located on an area of ​​approximately 25.000 m2, it is aimed to produce 21 million battery cells annually with domestic and national means.

Collaborating with a Korean company in order to gain battery cell production technology, which is an important step in investment, ASPİLSAN Energy continues its battery cell studies with its own R&D centers. Thanks to the Lithium-Ion battery development studies carried out at the R&D center, after the technology transfer, the unique battery cell will be developed and produced, and solutions that will reduce the external dependency in accordance with the establishment purpose will be presented by ASPILSAN Energy.

not only for the development of the company individually, but also zamFerhat ÖZSOY, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, states that they are trying to create a 100% domestic ecosystem by supporting companies working in related fields in our country, and that the rate of domesticity of battery cells, which will initially be at least 51% domestic, will increase with the developing ecosystem. Indicating that they have been holding a "Battery Technologies Workshop" every year since 2016 in order to lay the foundations of this ecosystem and investment, ÖZSOY said that, together with local and foreign businessmen, experts and academics who participated in the workshops from different parts of our country and the world, they closely followed the developing production and R&D techniques. He adds that they do. In this year's workshop, it was seen that our country has very rich resources in terms of Lithium-ion battery raw materials and the infrastructure in this regard has also improved considerably, especially in the sessions held within the scope of domestic raw material supply. In the workshop, it was stated that the establishment of a pilot production facility for Lithium-ion production by the Ministry of Energy shows that our country has passed an important stage for self-sufficiency in this field.

With the Lithium-Ion Battery Production Facility, which is planned to start mass production in 2022, ASPİLSAN Energy will increase the production power of batteries needed by both the defense industry and the private sector, and will continue to work on the development of battery cells of different types, sizes and technologies in the future.

External Dependence Will Decrease

ASPİLSAN, with a product that will perform the said Turkey is dependent on foreign investment is aimed at making can produce more domestically. Batteries, which issued an import bill of 2016 million dollars just for 65, will now be able to be produced with domestic resources.

One of ASPİLSAN's biggest goals is to increase the rate of domestic and nationality, while growing a little more every year in the sector. ASPİLSAN aims to produce 21 million batteries annually in the first place. In addition, ASPİLSAN, which aims to reduce foreign dependency, is planning to establish a system not only to produce but also with R&D activities.

Facility Features

The facility to be established on a total closed area of ​​25.000 m2 It will include battery production, battery packaging, R&D center, administrative and social facilities. The first products to be produced in the battery production section will be produced in NMC-Graphite chemistry in cylindrical type in 18650 and 21700 sizes.

Source: defenceturk

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