ASELSAN Bringing 50 Talents Home in the Last Two Years

Our Talents Working Abroad Bring Their Experiences To Our Country With ASELSAN. Turkey's "Trust Technology that" ASELSAN from healthcare to transportation, the latest technology developed in different sectors ranging from defense to aerospace technology, is growing unabated with national and critical products; continues to enlighten the future of our country.

location of Turkey's technological journey which is one of the most important stakeholders and competent employees ASELSAN sources for the future successful growth story is very important. Turkey's most qualified engineers and work purposes with experts stability maintained that ASELSAN, Back to that began in 2006, Turkey -Reverse Brain Drain program settled abroad for various reasons, aims to provide re-qualified human resources in our country. In the last two years, 50 talents have been returned to our country and the opportunity to develop their valuable experiences has been provided for our country within ASELSAN.

ASELSAN As of 2020, the new name of the project, the Next Big Move to Turkey continues to call for under the roof. Renewed content and work on critical projects for our Next Big Move to Turkey country program through the application process, to implement their own ideas and offers a significant opportunity for the future, such as using social experiences.

ASELSAN Chairman of the Board and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Ophthalmology, said the Next Big Move to Turkey programs related said: "This program abroad from Turkey outgoing or qualified human resources continue their studies abroad, we have a promise beyond gaining our country. In addition to the return of these friends to their countries and their families, we want them to share their global experiences by taking part in critical projects that will carry our country to the upper leagues and to share their global experiences with their teammates here.

We are paving the way for these friends not to return and start everything from scratch, but to carry ASELSAN forward both in a cultural and a business discipline dimension. We listen to them, we grow up with them. New together
It does not drop in the ocean by developing ideas, offering a flexible and agile work environment; We expect them to be the triggers of great change as a huge wave in our own sea.

ASELSAN is now a global brand. The works we do and the products we produce have already crossed borders. There are much bigger, surprising projects and developments for the coming years. We want to write this story with you. It's amazing to be side by side on this journey, to witness this transformation.zam. Come, use your talent and experience for this pride that spreads from your country to the world. Candidates who can apply quickly and easily through the website at can also obtain the most up-to-date information about the program and ASELSAN on this website.

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