ASELSAN Made Record Delivery in Electro-Optics


Due to the delivery of 1000 DORUK Systems and 960 TİMSAH Thermal Weapon Binoculars produced by ASELSAN to the security forces, ASELSAN Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager at Akyurt Facilities. Dr. A celebration ceremony was held with the participation of Haluk Görgün.

Used by different users in Turkey and abroad, especially the Turkish Armed Forces
The total amount delivered in the DORUK Electro-Optical Sensor System reached 2020 units by 1000. DORUK System, delivered in hand, on three legs and in different configurations with remote control, according to the purpose of use of the troops; It is one of the most frequently used electro-optical devices for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes in police station and border security activities, commando mobile units, cross-border operations, directing artillery units, coordinate calculation, enemy element detection. According to different usage scenarios, it is delivered with accessories such as mobile guidance unit, operator control unit and tripod.

TIMSAH Thermal Weapon Sight is an infrared imaging device with an uncooled microbolometer detector. Thermal Weapon Sight is delivered in different configurations according to the purpose of use of the troops, different rifles and range requirements. It is one of the most frequently used electro-optic devices by commando mobile units for cross-border operations for over-the-gun thermal imaging purposes. We have two different Thermal Weapon Sight families that can be attached to the front of daytime binoculars with the add-on feature without the need for an additional reset and are used externally as sight. In line with the Gendarmerie General Command's request, the Dual-Use Thermal Weapon Sight was developed, and both the add-on and sight feature were added to the customer inventory in a single device. The first delivery of the new configuration was made to the Gendarmerie General Command in December 2020.

Orders for the new generation DORUK Electro-Optic Sensor System and TİMSAH Thermal Weapon Scope, which are followed at the highest level by all customers and are appreciated by the users, continue to increase.

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