ASELSAN ALKAR 81 mm Mortar Weapon System


ALKAR 81 mm Mortar Weapon System, including its subsystems, was completely designed by ASELSAN; It is a modern weapon system integrated on the turret equipped with Automatic Barrel Guidance System, Recoil Mechanism and Fire Control Systems.

General features

  • Integration into caterpillar vehicles, tactical wheeled vehicles and fixed platforms thanks to the modular system architecture
  • Increasing the variety of vehicles that can be integrated with the Recoil Mechanism minimizing the firing load transferred to the platform during shooting
  • Can be used with all types of mortar ammunition
  • Automatic and precise orientation possibility in accordance with the calculated firing command
  • Precise position and barrel orientation detection with Ateletsel Positioning System
  • Generating location, heading, altitude data for Departure and Navigation and displaying the route on the map
  • Task oriented, colorful, graphical user interface
  • Fast and precise ballistic calculation with NATO Armaments Ballistic Kernel (NABK)
Aselsan Alkar 81mm Mortar Weapon System on Land Rover vehicle
  • Meteorological information can be received by digital communication
  • Accurate ballistic calculation with the use of meteorological data
  • Execution of all mortar fire missions
  • Display of Battlefield elements / information on digital map
  • Usability in all tactical and operational structuring
  • Working integrated with ADOP-2000
  • Integration with Forward Observer, Target Detection Radars and TOMES Meteorology systems
  • Firing can be done in manual and automatic modes
  • Emergency stop


  • Barrel: 81 mm Smooth Mortar *
  • Range at least: 100 m *
  • Range up to: 6400 m *
  • Barrel length: 1600 mm *
  • Preparation time for shooting: <1 minute
  • Relocation preparation time: <10 seconds
  • Firing constraints side: ± 3200 mils
  • Shooting constraints rise: 800 - 1500 million *

* Features may vary depending on the rifled / smoothed barrel type.

Physical Properties

  • Width: 856 mm
  • Length: 1850 mm
  • Height: 1020 mm

Source: defenceturk

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