Drivers Who Do Not Use Their Vehicle For A Long Time Attention!

Drivers who do not use their vehicle for a long time, attention
Drivers who do not use their vehicle for a long time, attention

Aşin Automobile experts gave a series of practical advice for drivers whose driving routines have changed due to the pandemic that entered our lives.

With quarantine processes, curfew restrictions and intensive work from home, some vehicles can wait in park for months without ever being used. Stating that regular controls can prolong the life of their cars, Aşin Otomobil General Manager Okan Erdem said, “In vehicles that have not been used for a long time or are rarely used. zamUnderstandably, chronic problems may arise. Driving for half an hour periodically once a week is of great importance for the mechanical health of your car. ” He comments.

Aşin Otomobil, which provides service to premium vehicles, shared its advice notes with drivers who have not driven their vehicles for a long time as spring months approach and restrictions are eased. Aşin Otomobil General Manager Okan Erdem said, “With the increase in vehicle prices, it is much more important to protect the cars we own and to have them regularly maintained and inspected compared to previous years. A well maintained car zammoment preserves its sales value for a long time. You can contribute to the health of your car by making regular short drives, even once a week. " expresses his views in the form.

The most critical issue is battery control

Cars that are used at small intervals or that are parked for a long time zamDrawing attention to the fact that many problems arise, experts state that cars that play a vital role in emergency situations will discharge their batteries if not used and may damage the electronic control unit due to low voltage. Keeping the vehicle running for 20 minutes contributes greatly to recharging the battery.

Lacking and waxing engine oil leads to high costs

In cars whose regular checks and maintenance are disrupted, the engine oil is lost due to the leakage of the hardened gaskets, while the same zamAt the same time, the oil in the mechanical parts loses its lubricating properties and turns wax. Again, the cooling water can evaporate depending on the weather conditions and the quality of the non-circulating water decreases and causes oxidation in the cooling channels. Low coolant and oil levels open the door to costly operations, from engine overhaul or complete replacement. That's why drivers are highly recommended to check the oil and water level once a week, even if they are not driving their cars. Keeping the wiper water filled and operating the jets and wipers also protect the system.

Tire pressure drops during seasonal changes

During seasonal changes, the air pressure in the tires decreases due to sudden temperature changes and prolonged inactivity, while also damaging the rims and suspension elements. Also, checking tire pressures once a week, and increasing the pressure recommended by the manufacturer at gas stations or with compressors that you can buy at affordable prices, saves drivers from tire and chassis costs. ZamDust adhering to brake pads and discs also causes corrosion. Experts say that short rides will prevent rusting during braking to avoid such situations.

Do not park your car under trees

Another issue is the cosmetic liveliness of automobiles: although they are resistant to corrosion by preserving their paint quality for a long time thanks to high production technologies, the body, which is constantly dirty and exposed to sunlight, heat and moisture, invites rusting in areas invisible to the eye. The varnish, which gives the shine on the outer layer of the paint, damages the paint by eroding due to the resins of the trees and bird droppings. While it is recommended not to park under trees, it is recommended to protect the vehicle in a closed area if possible. Applying 2 layers of polish after cleaning with a suitable pH balance and cleaning with water protects the body paint in the short and medium term. Finally, opening the windows against bad odors caused by the lack of air inside, cleaning the seats and cockpit with soapy water, operating the air conditioning system for the performance of the air conditioning compressor supports the protection of body health as well as the health of the car during the pandemic period.

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