Is it possible to lose weight by being hungry

Those who say I gained a lot of weight during the pandemic period, working from home did not work for me, I want to eat something constantly, I cannot wear my old clothes.

I realize everyone is looking for an easy way to lose weight. You are right. Because actually everyone wants whatever they want right away, I know it from myself. Let's examine this work in detail, let's evaluate the pros and cons.

First of all, I want to say that there will not be hunger, controlled hunger (intermittent fasting etc.) that I mentioned in this article. Here I will talk about the weight lost by eating unconsciously, insufficiently or uniformly ...

Let's start by looking at the basics of the subject. What is a diet?

Diet does not mean to lose weight by being hungry, to be restricted and to be separated from popular foods. Diet means a healthy and balanced diet plan.

The main purpose of diets is to make healthy eating habits sustainable. However, wrong approaches such as unconsciously made unconsciously pineapple diet, pumpkin diet, or popular diets that appear first when you type on the search button will cause you to lose the wrong weight in a short time and then cause you to get back in a short time with the yo-yo effect and disrupt the functioning of your metabolism.

Researches; shows that uncontrolled hunger can even cause weight gain instead of slimming

Hunger can reduce the metabolic rate. Same zamat the moment; it activates scarcity genes in genetic memory. So what does that mean? In the body I will go hungry, he zam“I have to store everything I get at the moment, then I will have to use them”. If hunger lasts for a long time and is repeated frequently, muscle loss may occur. This will cause your basal metabolic rate to decrease in the long term and make it difficult for you to lose weight.

Unconscious hunger; causes unhealthy and unbalanced weight loss

Rapidly falling blood sugar when you are hungry will make you dizzy the first time you sit at the table and you will get much more nutrients than you actually need to take. In other words, the calorie deficit, which is desired to be created by starving for a long time, will quickly close. In this respect, weights lost in this way are unhealthy and have the potential to be recovered in a short time.

I often hear from my clients that we started dieting for the first time. Sir, what did you do? If I eat these, I will gain weight! I eat much less than what you write during the day! But we can actually get more energy during the day than you think from wrong food choices.

Creating a calorie deficit is not the only important thing in the weight loss process.

The way nutrients are used in the body is also important. For example, the effect of 1 serving of dessert with syrup and 1 bowl of salad with tuna on our body will not be the same. Just counting calories won't get you anywhere either! We call the "hidden hunger" that the body cannot get the macro and micronutrient resources it needs. The hunger we are talking about here does not only occur with the rumble of the stomach.

In order to lose weight and maintain this weight in a healthy way, it is very important that you meet the calories you need during the day from the sources you need correctly. In order to keep your immune system strong and lose weight in a healthy and balanced way, your diet list specially planned for you should be supported with healthy living habits. The most important thing on this road is to be patient!

Please don't skip and forget the most important thing 2020 has taught us. Your health is more valuable than anything! Let's know its value.

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