Winners of Digital Economy Meet at Micro Focus Universe 2021

The winners of the digital economy meet in the micro focus universe
The winners of the digital economy meet in the micro focus universe

The most important customer and business partner event of Micro Focus, one of the largest software companies in the world, “Micro Focus Universe 2021” was held on March 23-24 in a virtual environment. At the event, which was watched by more than 10 thousand participants, companies from different sectors shared their success stories, and experts explained the ways to win in the digital economy.

International software giant Micro Focus held its most important customer event “Micro Focus Universe 2021” with the title “Win ​​in the Digital Economy” on March 23-24. At the event, where more than 30 international customers of Micro Focus shared their real usage scenarios and experiences, the participants also learned about Micro Focus's vision and critical product investments. They had the opportunity to listen to the most critical information from experts on what it takes to win in the digital economy.

Success stories will be shared

The event, which featured Micro Focus CEO Stephen Murdoch as well as Jaguar Racing Team Director James Barclay, PwC UK Market and Customer President Marco Amitrano and DXC Technology Strategic Partner Mark Hughes as keynote speakers at the opening; Equivalent in three regions: EMEA, AMERICAS and APJ zamRealized instantly in virtual environment. Participants, including Turkey have carried out the success stories of leading companies in the sector from different countries during the two-day event in the EMEA region, Micro technical presentations performed by Focus expert staff 2 1 lively conversation and senior managers had the chance to come together with the meetings. In this way, different ways of communication and interaction were provided and an event at a global level was realized.

"Launching Innovative Products Faster Without Compromising Quality", "Leading the Continuous Quality Mindset", "Transformation Requires Cyber ​​Resilience", "Host Access and Security: Why Host Needs Modernized Protection And Connectivity", "Information Management and Governance" , "Turbulent ZamWith Digital Threats to Businesses moments How Tackling will "," End to End Practice Tests with Faster, Better and More Cost-Effective Solutions to offer "as the event, many different titles for the involvement of speech offering on deep internal banking from Turkey, retail, energy and the success story presentations of leading companies in the technology sector were shared with the audience. What kinds of gains have been achieved with the technology and approaches used zamit had the chance to share on instant usage scenarios.

Over 10 thousand participants

Micro Focus, which has one of the largest patent portfolios in the world, is among the prominent companies in the sector with its advanced technology and innovative product release speed. The company has released more than 24 new product versions in the last 1.000 months. Micro Focus recently launched OPTIC, which offers data analytics and cloud technologies on a common platform to strengthen IT operations while enabling digital transformation of organizations. OPTIC aims to simplify the transformation journey of IT while meeting the changing expectations of companies in the digitalization process with a modular approach, the ability to maximize data-based business intelligence and optimize cloud technologies, on a single platform. Micro Focus, which has a strong place in the sector with its high technology, is also the most important business partner for customers to transform without any problems. For this reason, the Micro Focus Universe 23 event is among the highly anticipated events all over the world.

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