Second P-72 Naval Patrol Aircraft Delivery Has Been Made

Deliveries continue in the MELTEM-3 project, which is carried out by the Presidency of Defense Industry, which provides significant added value to our Naval Forces Command in Defense of the Blue Homeland. Within the scope of the project, the second P-72 Marine Patrol Aircraft was delivered.

SSB President Demir: "Our P-72 Naval Patrol Aircrafts will serve as one of the strategic elements of our Navy in defense of the Blue Homeland"

The second P-3 Naval Patrol Aircraft was delivered to the Naval Forces Command within the scope of the MELTEM-72 Project carried out by the Presidency of Defense Industry.

The project, which is carried out under the main contractor of Leonardo firm, is carried out with the intense participation of Turkish industry. Detail part production, aircraft modification, material supply, ground and flight test support and Integrated Logistics Support activities are carried out by TAI. System / device supply is provided by ASELSAN. While the aircraft have Link 11 and Link 16 systems developed by Milsoft, our Naval Patrol Ground Station has been updated by Havelsan to support P-72 aircraft. Mission systems such as radar, EDT and acoustics in aircraft were provided by Thales Company.

Following the delivery of our Second Naval Patrol Aircraft, it is planned to deliver an additional Marine Patrol Aircraft and a Naval General Purpose Airplane to the Naval Forces Command this year.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made the following statement on the subject: “As Defense Industry, we are doing our best to protect our national interests in the Blue Homeland. zamWe are on duty now. To date, our defense industry has prepared many systems with the aim of improving the possibilities and capabilities of our Naval Forces. Many air, sea, submarine and logistics projects that will add strength to the combat and logistics field of our Naval Forces Command continue. We also delivered our second P-3 Maritime Patrol Aircraft within the scope of the Meltem-72 Project. Our P-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft will serve as the strategic element of our Naval Forces in the defense of the Blue Homeland, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean. We will continue to strengthen the strength of our Turkish Armed Forces with our new platforms.”

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