Engines of Heavy Class Attack Helicopter ATAK-II will come from Ukraine


Turkish Aerospace Industry TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil announced that ATAK-II's engines will come from Ukraine.

Speaking about the helicopter projects of TAI, Temel Kotil announced that T929, namely ATAK-II, is in the 11-ton class and can carry 1.500 kg of ammunition. He stated that the engine will come from Ukraine since there is no domestic or national engine alternative. Kotil also stated that it will be equipped with 2500 horsepower engines and will fly in 2023.

The helicopter to be developed with the Heavy Class Attack Helicopter Project Contract signed between SSB and TUSAŞ will have approximately twice the take-off weight of our current ATAK helicopter and will be among the top class attack helicopters with only two examples in the world in this field. TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil stated that Atak 2023 would be flying in 2.

The Heavy Class Attack Helicopter Project was launched to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces in this field. With the project, an effective and deterrent attack helicopter, which can carry a high amount of useful load, resistant to challenging environmental factors, equipped with advanced technology target tracking and imaging systems, electronic warfare systems, navigation systems, communication systems and weapon systems, has high maneuverability and performance, is designed and produced. is planned.

With the project, the use of domestic system is also increased.zamIt is aimed to raise it to the second level, to ensure supply security and export freedom. It is thought that the Heavy Class Attack Helicopter Project will play an important role in reducing foreign dependency, realizing domestic, national and innovative solutions with the knowledge gained in our current domestic projects, and increasing the efficiency of our Turkish Armed Forces.

With the project;

  • The heavy class attack helicopter of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK)
  • Able to carry a high amount of payload (ammunition)
  • Having advanced technology target tracking and imaging systems, electronic warfare systems, navigation systems, communication systems and weapon systems
  • It is aimed to develop a new attack helicopter platform produced with domestic facilities and not affected by supply and export constraints.

Heavy Class Attack Helicopter Project Layout:

  • Project Main Contractor: TUSAŞ Türk Havacılık ve Uzay San. A.S.
  • First Flight: T0 + 60. moon
  • Project Duration: T0 + 102 months
  • Contract Outputs: Minimum 3 Prototype Helicopter Production and Technical Data Package
  • Development of 2 types of helicopters, sea and land version
  • A flexible approach setup at the upper limits of the technical specifications and determining the subsystem
T Atak vs Agir Tarruz Helicopter
T Atak vs Agir Tarruz Helicopter

General features:

  • With tandem cockpit
  • High ammunition carrying capacity
  • Asymmetrical weapon loading capability
  • Low IR and acoustic trace
  • Digital cockpit design
  • Modern avionics
  • High accident and ballistic resistant design
  • Ability to operate in high altitude and high temperature conditions
  • Resistant to environmental factors
  • Has a high forward speed limit
  • Advanced electronic warfare and countermeasure systems
  • High-caliber cannon, new generation 2.75 '' rocket, long-range anti-tank missiles with different guidance systems and air-to-air missile systems
  • Basic Equipment:
    • 4-axis autopilot
    • Modular avionic architecture
    • Target Detection Radar
    • Target Detection System
    • Helmet Integrated Imaging System


  • Attack
  • Air-ground combat
  • Air-Air combat
  • Armed reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Close air support
  • Armed escort
  • Joint offensive operations


Size 10 ton class
HOGE Capability 6.000ft 35 ° C @MTOW
Ammunition Capacity 1.200kg (Excluding Launchers)
Operation Envelope Day and Night -40 ° / + 50 ° C Temperature and Ice Condition
Ballistic Protection 12,7mm Ammunition Resistant Armored Cockpit
Service Ceiling 20.000 ft (6096 m)
Azami Speed 172 kts (~ 318 km / h)
Engine 2 × Turboshaft
Armament Ammunition carrying capacity: 1200 kg (excluding launchers)
30mm / 20mm Gun System

6 Weapon Station:

  • 2,75 ″ Unguided Rocket
  • 2,75 ″ Guided Rocket (CİRİT)
  • Anti-Tank Missiles (UMTAS / L-UMTAS)
  • Air-to-Air Missile
  • Free Falling Ammunition
  • Radar Guided Missile
  • Laser Gun

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