Prolonged Leg Pain May Herald Showcase Disease

Abdi İbrahim Otsuka Medical Directorate, which usually occurs due to blockage in the leg arteries, while walking on the road, even zamHe warns about peripheral artery disease, which manifests itself with pain in the legs even at rest.

Do you feel pain in your legs while walking on the road, or do you experience pain in your feet or calves while doing sports? Do you feel the need to stop because of this pain during walking? Peripheral vascular disease, popularly known as showcase disease, can progress with these symptoms because people with this disease often feel the need to stop and usually wait for the pain to pass in front of the showcase. Abdi İbrahim Otsuka Medical Directorate draws attention to the fact that peripheral vascular disease affecting the arteries in the legs can cause life-threatening problems if not treated.

CAREFUL according to the results of the study conducted in 29 centers in Turkey; The incidence of the disease over the age of 70 reaches 30 percent. Emphasizing that peripheral vascular disease increases with the advancement of age, Abdi İbrahim Otsuka Medical Directorate states that the disease can occur in situations such as cigarette-alcohol consumption, diabetes and fatty nutrition.

Abdi İbrahim Otsuka Medical Directorate recommends that people who feel pain in their legs during short walks, who experience pain even during rest, who have symptoms such as cold and pallor in their legs and feet, should definitely see a cardiovascular disease specialist.

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