Medical Furniture Turkey's exports broke record in 2020

All over the world corona virus density that occurs in hospital, the medical Turkey's furniture exports increased 92 percent.

Last year, exports of furniture such as tables and bedsteads used in hospitals and polyclinics broke a record with 106 million dollars. Medical furniture exports to the UK and Italy most affected by the pandemic tripled. Korkut Koray Yalça, CEO of ISD Logistics, which carries out international shipments, said that the pandemic caused significant changes in the product range in foreign trade transportation.

The filling of hospitals all over the world due to the epidemic has increased the need for medical furniture. TSI Turkey last year, according to data from the table, their parts and components exports with medical furniture, such as cots, reached 2019 percent compared to 92, rising to $ 106 million. In the same period, the imports of these products decreased by 3 percent to 19 million dollars.

ISD Logistics CEO Korkut Koray Yalça stated that due to the pandemic, significant changes have been observed in the product range in international transportation as well as in many areas.

"In medical furniture zaminstant delivery saves lives "

Furniture exporters' products undamaged and zamUnderlining that they develop industry-specific solutions by delivering them instantly, Yalça, especially in medical furniture due to the urgency of corona cases, zamHe stated that immediate and undamaged shipment is much more important and saves lives.

Yalça explained that medical furniture exports doubled in 2020 compared to 2019, reaching 2 million dollars. Stating that the most exports in Europe are to the UK, Romania, Hungary, France and Germany, Yalça added that medical furniture exports tripled to the UK and Italy, where corona cases and deaths are most common in Europe.

Meanwhile, last year, Turkey's exports of medical furniture Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland to 3-4 times; Spain, Romania and Germany reached about 2 times.

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