Turkey's First Armed Unmanned Vessel ULAQ sea Downloaded


Operating with national capital in the defense industry, Antalya-based ARES Shipyard and Ankara-based Meteksan Defense, as a result of research and development activities that have been going on for several years, in the field of Unmanned Marine Vehicles (İDA); implemented the first unmanned combat marine vehicle solution of our country. The Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle (SİDA), the first platform of the "ULAQ" series, whose prototype production was completed, was launched recently and experience cruises began.

In the made joint press statement, ARES Shipyard General Manager Utku Areac and Meteksan said Defense General Manager Selcuk K. Alparslan include: Turkey's first armed unmanned watercraft ULAQ-Sida that we complete the launched and we started sea trials great pride and happiness to express we want. We are all aware of the importance of the blue homeland defense of our country, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, the protection of our maritime continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone. In this context, we, together with two private companies, started the ULAQ project with full equity investments, prioritizing our national interests, and we continue our intensive activities. Being aware that this is an example in the defense industry as well, we continue our work day and night in great cooperation. From now on, our goal will be to complete sea tests and perform guided missile firing tests. Since the first day of the introduction of ULAQ, we have met with significant interest from both our country and from friendly and allied countries. This interest enables us to work with great motivation to design and manufacture the world's best unmanned marine vehicles. We would like to express our gratitude to our Ministry of National Defense, Defense Industry Presidency, Naval Forces Command and all our citizens for their support since ULAQ's first launch.

SİDA, which has 400 kilometers cruising range, 65 kilometers per hour speed, day / night vision capability, national encrypted communication infrastructure and produced from advanced composite material; It can be used from land mobile vehicles and headquarters command center or floating platforms in the performance of missions such as Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Intelligence, Surface Warfare (SUH), Asymmetric Warfare, Armed Escort and Force Protection, Strategic Facility Security.

Turkey's First Armed Unmanned Vessel ULAQ, manufacturers of national missile systems, which ROKETSAN products 4'lü with pot 2,75 "Laser Guided Missile Javelin and 2-launchers with Laser Guided Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System '(L-UMTAS) equipped.

CİRİT, which is the leader of its class with its 8 km range; In addition to land and sea platforms, it can be integrated into helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The precision guided anti-tank missile system L-UMTAS stands out as an effective weapon system against fixed and mobile land and sea targets with its 8 km range, laser guidance capability and armor-piercing tandem warhead. CİRİT and L-UMTAS weapon systems are located on ULAQ together with Roketsan's stabilized turret system and shipboard equipment, which are also used in land vehicles, fixed platforms and naval platforms. Following the completion of the sea tests, it is planned to conduct shooting tests at the end of the first quarter of 2021.

SİDA; It can be equipped with different types of payloads such as electronic warfare, jamming, and different communication and intelligence systems, as well as missile systems to meet different operational operational needs. In addition, it will be able to operate with other SİDAs with a similar or different structure, and have joint operation capabilities with UAVs, SİHAs, TİHAs and manned aircraft. On the other hand, SİDA will not only be a remotely controlled unmanned sea vehicle, but also will be equipped with superior and ahead of the curve capabilities with artificial intelligence and autonomous behavior features.

It was stated that the first phase of the project initiated by ARES Shipyard and Meteksan Defense in the field of unmanned marine vehicles, and the prototype of SİDA, which was launched, unmanned marine vehicles for intelligence gathering, mine hunting, submarine defense warfare, fire fighting and humanitarian aid / evacuation will be ready for production.

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