6 Critical Mistakes Made by a Turkish Man with Beard

Especially for the last 10 years, growing a beard among Turkish men has become beyond fashion. Today, for the majority of men, beard is an accessory and trend that requires regular care and attention. Although the beard remains popular among men, some critical mistakes in grooming make it very difficult to grow and maintain the shape of the beard. Sakalbaba.com, the e-commerce platform that meets all the needs of beard and its care, which has recently become the new passion of men, shared the critical mistakes Turkish men often make in beard care.

Using a plastic comb

When it comes to beard care, the first application that comes to mind is the scanning process. The use of plastic combs by Turkish men for combing is one of the most critical mistakes made. Because, plastic combs make the beard shaping process difficult due to electrification and cause the beards to look messy. The electrified beard loses its strength. Also the roots zamit will be damaged within an instant. For this reason, steel or wooden combs should be used to comb the beard.

Combing the beard randomly and quickly

Another important point in beard care is the way of combing. The beard should not be combed indiscriminately, and the combing direction should zamthe moment must be in the same direction. The beard that is combed in the same direction will appear thicker and whole. Also, gently and gently combing prevents the beard from breaking. Fast scanning and printing operations, beard zaminstantly causes it to become dull and the beard loses its strength.

Using a hair shampoo

The structure of the hair and the structure of the beard are not the same, they are completely different. Using the shampoo preferred in hair washing for the beard also damages the beard and prevents it from feeding. The beard that cannot be fed becomes sparse. In order to avoid such situations, special beard shampoos should be preferred instead of hair shampoo. Thanks to the vitamins contained in the beard shampoos, it meets the vitamins needed by the beard.

Neglecting to use beard serum and beard oil

Beard serum nourishes and strengthens the beard and mustache roots thanks to the active ingredients it contains. Beard and mustache roots grow stronger and nourished. Due to its structure, beard needs various vitamins and obtains them from beard care oil. It is also common to use almond oil instead of beard care oil in the community. However, almond oil does not meet the vitamins and minerals needed by the beard. Beard oil, which is beneficial not only to the beard but also to the skin, provides a healthy care thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Not paying attention to product selection

Choosing the right product is very important in beard care. Paraben, sulphate, petroleum jelly, salt, etc. are among the biggest mistakes made in beard and mustache care. to use products that contain chemicals. Products specially produced for beard care also offer the opportunity to improve adverse conditions such as breakage and wear. Products that can damage both the beard and the skin, which are called under the stairs, should be avoided.

Not regularly washing the beard

Another common misconception among Turkish men is that it is not necessary to wash the beard regularly. However, contrary to this information, the beard should be washed regularly. The beard, which is washed regularly, is both nourished and thicker. Keeping the beard moist nourishes the roots. As a result of this feeding, the beard looks lively and bright.

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