All Emergency Call Services Merged in 112 Emergency Call Center

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan and Malatya Governor Aydın Baruş visited the 112 Emergency Call Center service building, where all emergency calls in our city will be managed under one roof.

The first numbers that people call in emergency situations for the safety of life and property are combined in 112. The 155 Emergency Call Center, where 110 Police Emergency, 122 Fire Warning, 156 Alo AFAD, 158 Gendarmerie Emergency, 177 Coast Guard and 112 Forest Fire Warning lines will be gathered under one roof, will be put into operation as of June 2021. Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Necmi İnce, Malatya Police Chief Ercan Dağdeviren, Malatya Provincial Health Director Professor, Malatya Governor Aydın Baruş and Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who received information from the authorities at the 112 Emergency Call Center. Dr. Recep Bentli, Deputy General Director of Provincial Administration Servet Güngör, Department Heads and Branch Managers were accompanied.

Stating that all calls will be gathered in a single center, Servet Güngör, Deputy General Manager of the Provincial Administration, said in his speech during the program, “In the study regarding the collection of emergency call services under a single number initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs since 2009, today, regarding the partial activation of our emergency call center in Malatya we are here Hopefully the end of June, all the 112 emergency call number in Turkey will appear as a single call number. "When our citizens call 112, our friends at the call center will receive their calls and direct them to the relevant institution."


Stating that they have seen and examined the work carried out in the 112 Call Center on site, Mayor Gürkan said, “A while ago, our Deputy General Manager gave information about the emergency call center. It is very important to establish a 112 Emergency Call Center so that calls can be made in a unified and serial manner and emergency cases can be reached with a single phone number at the point of immediate response. I would like to thank our Ministry of Internal Affairs for carrying out these studies. I hope the studies will be beneficial to us and to our Malatya, Turkey, "he said.


Stating that the 112 Emergency Call Center was partially operational, Malatya Governor Aydın Baruş said, “We have partially activated our 112 Emergency Call Center as of February 17th. The technical equipment of our building has been done very well. The main purpose of these services is to ensure that our citizens use a single number for all emergency calls. Our citizens will experience this convenience by combining these services, which are performed as a single number in Europe and America, with a single number in our country. Since our 112 Emergency Call Center will be put into operation as of June, our citizens will continue to call 110 for the fire brigade, 156 for the Gendarmerie, 177 for the Forest Fires, 112 for the Health, 155 for the Police and 122 for the AFAT. Our 112 Emergency Call Center has been fully put into service. zamWe will make an announcement to our citizens as soon as possible, ”he said.

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