OMTAS Anti-Tank Missile System Delivery from ROKETSAN to Turkish Armed Forces

As a result of the second serial production group acceptance activity of OMTAS, a large number of weapon systems and ammunition were added to the Turkish Armed Forces inventory.

Produced by ROKETSAN to meet the medium-range anti-tank system needs of the Land and Naval Forces Commands, OMTAS started to enter the inventory by going into the serial production phase. As a result of OMTAS 'second mass production batch acceptance activity, a large amount of weapon system and ammunition was added to the TAF inventory.

OMTAS, which is designed to be effective against other targets that may arise on land and above water, in addition to its main task of tank hunting, can operate day / night and in all weather conditions thanks to its infrared imager seeker. OMTAS Weapon System; It consists of the launch system (missile, firing platform, fire control unit), transport crates and a training simulator.

OMTAS had entered the inventory through FNSS's FNSS

Last year, within the scope of the STA deliveries made by FNSS Defense to the Land Forces Command, OMTAS anti-tank turreted vehicles were also delivered. Nail Kurt, General Manager and Senior Manager of FNSS, stated that 26 vehicles were delivered within the scope of the Gun Carrier Vehicle project. Nail Kurt said, “26 vehicles have been delivered in STA so far. The last 2 vehicles were delivered with OMTAS missile turrets. Thus, OMTASs developed by Roketsan were also included in the inventory on the vehicle. Deliveries continue at full speed. Towards the end of the year, PARS 4 × 4 will also be delivered with OMTAS missile turrets. had included his statements.


OMTAS is a medium-range anti-tank weapon system effective against armored threats in the battlefield. Thanks to the infrared imager seeker, the missile can operate day / night and in all weather conditions. OMTAS Weapon System; It consists of launch system (missile, firing base, fire control unit), transport boxes and training simulator. The RF data link between the launcher and the missile provides flexible operational capability to its user. The missile can be targeted before or after firing, and has fire-forget or fire-update flight modes that allow selection of target / hit point.

Source: defenceturk

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