Rate of Paralysis Increased in Hernia Patients Due to Pandemic

Medical Park Karadeniz Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Güngör Usta pointed out that as a result of disrupting the treatment of patients with hernias in the waist and neck region due to the pandemic, permanent neurological damage was experienced as well as paralysis.

Drawing attention to the dangers awaiting spine patients who disrupt their treatment due to pandemic, Medical Park Karadeniz Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Güngör Usta said, “Only in February, 3 lumbar hernia patients applied to us with severe paralysis in their ankles. We did their operations. These were cases that required physical therapy. "When treatment is delayed in patients who absolutely need to have surgery, it can manifest itself with severe paralysis and permanent neurological defects."


Reminding that spinal diseases and related complaints are at the top of hospital admissions, Op. Dr. Güngör Usta said, “In particular, waist and neck hernias are the most common spinal problems we encounter. The pandemic process we are in has hampered the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of spine diseases as well as many diseases. Patients postpone applying to health institutions due to fear of viruses ”.


Underlining that a waist or neck hernia discomfort, especially in surgical treatment, may lead to permanent neurological defects, Op. Dr. Güngör Usta said, “Indeed, the last zamWe see patients presenting with severe paralysis because they delay their treatment at times. It is not possible for the patient to decide on the seriousness and urgency of the situation. The shortest time for patients with spinal problems zamI suggest them to apply to the neurosurgery department immediately ”.

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