Novadan will meet the needs of 26 thousand 700 pharmacies

Novadan, a shopping platform where pharmacists can easily access the products they need, is conducting a 01 + 05 campaign between 2021-5 February 5. Approximately 300 health products in the unbeatable advantage of discounts provided by the campaign, Turkey, serving the needs of 26 thousand 700 pharmacies across aims to meet the reasonable price and fast shipping.

5 + 5 opportunity for pharmacies

By analyzing the needs of pharmacies, the most suitable health products, the most accurate zamHaki Poyraz, one of the Founding Partners of Novadan, made the following statements regarding the campaign: “We offer non-pharmaceutical health products that pharmacies need at unbeatable prices with the 5 + 5 without losing campaign. In the first campaign of the year, our goal is to enable 26 thousand 700 pharmacies to benefit from the discounted price advantage. A unique shopping experience awaits pharmacists with gift coupons up to TL 1.000.

Free shipping to new members

With its 5 + 5 campaign, Novadan offers its members the opportunity to win a gift shopping voucher worth 1.000 TL, 750 TL or 500 TL every day. There is free shipping advantage for new members by joining the campaign.

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