Avoiding Car Accidents in Snowy Weather

warning drivers from intercity driving academy for snowy and cold weather
warning drivers from intercity driving academy for snowy and cold weather

Turkey is expected to be effective in heavy snowfall and extreme cold weather, drivers are required to be much more careful.

Intercity Driving Academy emphasizes that the vehicles should be ready for harsh weather conditions, while giving tips to drivers for their use despite these weather conditions where road conditions are extremely difficult.

Stating that drivers should definitely use winter tires in snowy and cold weather Intercity Academy Chief Instructor Utku UzunoğluStating that the vehicle should be prepared for issues such as setting the correct air pressure, wiper water control, and keeping a snow chain, “Drivers also zamHe should be more careful than he is now. Issues such as tracking distance, speed control and environmental control are of great importance in such harsh weather conditions. It is up to us to avoid accidents in such difficult weather conditions. For this reason, we wish all drivers to take the warnings of the authorities and experts into consideration and to travel healthily ”.

Things to Know Before Driving

  • If the vehicles do not have winter tires, they should never be on the road.
  • The tire pressure of the vehicles should never be lowered, the tire pressure should be adjusted according to the label on the inside of the tank cover or on the threshold of the driver's door.
  • Antifreeze should be added against the risk of freezing of the wiper water.
  • Snow chains must be kept in the vehicle and the doffing process must have been tried before.

Things to Consider While Driving on Snowy Ground

  • Sudden acceleration, sudden turns and sudden deceleration should be avoided.
  • It should be used at the lowest possible speeds.
  • Sudden braking should definitely be avoided, the following distance should be set as at least 6 seconds.
  • Vehicle air conditioner should not be operated in recirculation mode, but should be turned on in fresh air mode with the windscreen set.
  • The rear window defroster must be active, and the mirror heating, if any, must be on for visibility safety.
  • If the vehicle is manual, second gear should be used for departures.

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