Hyundai Motor Group Introduces Humanoid Robot DAL-e

hyundai engine group introduced humanoid robot branch
hyundai engine group introduced humanoid robot branch

As one of the fastest growing automobile manufacturers in the world, Hyundai continues its technology investments rapidly. Hyundai, which incorporated Boston Dynamics last month, this time produced a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. The robot, called DAL-e, which has sensitive language and face recognition features, will be used in very important tasks by combining its mobility with its intelligence. DAL-e, a highly advanced customer service robot, can communicate with people independently.

DAL-e, which is created by using the initials of the words "Drive you, Assist you, Link with you-experience-guides you, helps you, connects with you-experience", can communicate in a personal way, unlike traditional robots. DAL-e, constantly updated zamIt will continue to be developed in the moment. The robot, which has an impressive visual appeal, also draws attention with its humanoid body. DAL-e is lighter and more compact than other robots with its 1.16 mt length and 80 kg weight. The robot, which can use all four wheels that are versatile in terms of mobility, can move freely where it is placed. In addition, it can connect to a large screen wirelessly and explain the vehicles and technologies easily. Thus, while dealing with visitors closely, zamHe creates an enjoyable environment by using his body language.

Hyundai, which started the pilot operation of DAL-e, which uses Android infrastructure, at an authorized dealer in Seoul, will later use this robot in other showrooms.

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