Faulty Nutrition Habits May Weaken the Immune System!

We all know how important a strong immune system is in the protection from the Covid-19 virus that shook the whole world and in getting successful results from the treatment.

Regular sleep, regular exercise and a healthy diet play a big role in the strength of our immune system. A balanced consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, legumes, meat and dairy products in a daily routine is perfect for keeping your immune system strong. Acıbadem Dr. Şinasi Can (Kadıköy) Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Ece Önş pointed out that the decrease in the levels of especially selenium, iron, zinc and vitamin C and vitamin B12 in the body directly adversely affect the immune system, saying, “When the immune system is adversely affected, the risk of getting Covid-19 disease increases. It should not be forgotten that those who suffer from the disease cannot overcome the disease easily. Therefore, it is very important to have a sufficient and balanced diet every day. However, we have some wrong habits in our diet that can weaken our immune system instead of strengthening it, and even trigger some important diseases. So, what are the nutritional mistakes we should never make during the pandemic process? Acıbadem Dr. Ece Önş, Nutrition and Diet Specialist of Şinasi Can (Kadıköy) Hospital, explained 19 important nutritional mistakes that you should avoid in the Covid-6 pandemic; made important suggestions and warnings.

False: Drinking lots of fruit juice

Actually: Many of us have made it a habit to consume plenty of fruit juice, with the thought that it strengthens our immunity. However, when we consume the fruits themselves, we take vitamins, minerals and pulp, while when we drink fruit juice, we get plenty of fructose sugar and excess calories instead of pulp. Since excess fructose increases blood sugar very quickly, it opens the doors of all chronic diseases, especially insulin resistance and diabetes. zamnow negatively affects immunity. Nutrition and Diet Expert Ece Önş says that instead of choosing freshly squeezed fruit juices, it would be a much better choice to consume 2-3 portions of fresh fruit a day to keep immunity strong.

False: Exaggerating bones and broths

Actually: "One of the nutritional mistakes we make to strengthen our immunity is consuming too much bone and meat juice," warning Ece Önş, Nutrition and Diet Specialist, and continues as follows: “While the consumption of bone and broth in moderate amounts has a beneficial effect on health, their addition to almost every meal. On the other hand, it does not support immunity and increases cholesterol levels rapidly. Increasing cholesterol also causes many chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, keeping bone and broth consumption at minimum levels will be sufficient to support immunity in the pandemic "

False: Being a coffee and tea drinker

Actually: U of the length of stay at homezamUndoubtedly, the amount of tea and coffee drunk during the day increased considerably with the hanging. However, excessive caffeine taken into the body with excessive consumption; It adversely affects immunity by causing situations such as stress, nervousness and inability to sleep. Note that besides black tea and coffee, some herbal teas like green tea and matcha tea also contain high amounts of caffeine. Make sure to limit all caffeine-containing beverages to a maximum of 3 cups a day.

False: Consuming pickles at every meal

Actually: Perhaps the most common food we use to strengthen immunity during the pandemic period is pickles. Of course, it improves intestinal health with its probiotic effect and helps strengthen general immunity. Ece Önş, Nutrition and Diet Specialist, warns that "There is a mostly forgotten fact about pickles that it contains too much salt" and explains the harms of excessive pickle consumption as follows: "Exaggerating the consumption of pickles leads to unnecessary salt intake, and as a result, especially blood pressure and edema problems. can lead. Therefore, it will be sufficient to keep the consumption of pickles at the minimum amount allowed by the physician for blood pressure, cardiovascular and kidney patients and to consume moderate amounts for healthy people a few days a week will be sufficient to strengthen immunity.

False: Snack in front of the TV

Actually: We spend at home in the pandemic zamMany factors such as the increase in the moment, the decrease in socialization and movement, on the contrary, are more zamit made us pass the moment. Same zamThe amount of snacks we consume in front of the screen increased considerably. The fact that the snacks were rich in carbohydrates and fat and inactivity caused weight gain. Moreover, snacks have high carbohydrate content; It causes blood sugar to remain constantly high and indirectly to negatively affect immunity. For this reason, reducing the consumption of packaged products and pastry products, restricting pastry foods, consuming fresh and dried fruits a total of 2-3 portions a day, and not consuming more than a handful of dried fruits a day will be the most important steps in achieving the balance.

False: Having a wrong diet

Actually: Factors such as inactivity and frequent boredom during the day, trying various sweet and doughy foods, increased appetite due to stress and anxiety accelerated the weight gain processes. As such, almost everyone was in a hurry to lose weight quickly. But beware! Wrong diets threaten our health. For example, restricted diets dominated by a single type of diet for weight loss lack the nutrients to keep your immune system strong and reduce our strength against diseases. For this reason, do not forget to consult a dietician in order to lose weight and stay healthy while losing weight with a program where carbohydrates, protein, fat and vitamins-minerals are balanced.

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