What is Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation? Which Diseases Does It Care?

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Assoc. Ahmet İnanir gave important information about the subject. Today, many people do not know exactly the working areas of 'Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialists'.

What is physical therapy and rehabilitation?

Spinal health is a field of diagnosis and treatment that includes the treatment and rehabilitation of many diseases, including nerve lesions and compression, joint diseases, stroke (paralysis), osteoporosis, cerebral palsy, fracture rehabilitation, heart and respiratory system rehabilitation, spa treatments. Physical therapy refers to the use of physical agents and manual techniques in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.

What are Physiotherapy Specialists, Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy technicians?

We receive many questions from our patients that they have confusion about the Physiotherapists and physiotherapy technicians. Physical therapy is planned after the diagnosis by Physiotherapy Specialists. Instrumental parts of the treatment are performed by physiotherapists or physiotherapy technicians working as auxiliary staff in the clinic, subject to the treatment plan. Among the physiotherapists, Dr. Those who wrote are our friends who have a doctorate in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, but they are not a doctor (Faculty of Medicine graduate) Our friends who work as nurses also Dr. or Professor ones. If Manual Therapy is necessary, it can be applied by a Physical Therapy Specialist or by physiotherapists under the control of a specialist. Our physiotherapists do not have the training and authority to diagnose the disease or decide on the treatment of the disease. Our physiotherapists and physiotherapy technicians are not doctors. After the doctor's diagnosis, they are our friends in the position of assistant staff who use the treatment tools under doctor's control. If the doctor's time allows, doctors have the authority and ability to use these tools. Manual Therapy is applied by both Physical Therapy Specialists and our Physiotherapists (within the knowledge of the Specialist Doctor). Doctors and nurses are authorized to apply interventional treatment to the patient, but physiotherapists do not. In short, treatment is a team work and we all have different powers and duties.

Which fields of study does it include?

Regarding spine health (lumbar hernia, canal narrowing, lumbar slippage, scoliosis, treatment of spinal cord lesions), nerve lesions and compression, joint diseases (joint rheumatism, joint calcification, meniscal tears and degeneration, ligament lesions), stroke (paralysis) There are many treatment areas including osteoporosis, cerebral palsy, fracture rehabilitation, heart and respiratory system rehabilitation, spa treatments, Pediatric and Geriatric rehabilitation.

In the treatment; Many treatments such as instrumental treatments, Manual Therapy types, Interventional applications, Prolotherapy, Neural therapy, Injection treatments, Dry Needling, Kinesiobanding, Cupping (Cupping) treatments, Apitherapy, Leech, Ozone therapy, exercise regulation can be used.

Is Manual Therapy one of the Physical Therapy topics?

Manual therapy is one of the Physical Therapy applications and can be applied by our Physiotherapists (within the knowledge of the Specialist Doctor) with the inclusion of both Physiotherapy Specialists and Specialists in the treatment plan.

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