What Should We Do To Avoid Home Accidents?

Stating that about 20 thousand deaths occur in home accidents every year, experts point out that it is most frequently observed in individuals under the age of 6 and over the age of 65.

Experts who state that the most common household accidents are falling, cutting - piercing injuries, must have a handrail on the edge of the stairs, do not leave objects such as toys and slippers on the stairs and floors, cover the bathtub or shower floor with materials that prevent slipping, dry and clean bathroom floor He states that there should be a non-slip bath mat right next to the bathtub or shower.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Physical Therapy Specialist Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp made evaluations about home accidents and their prevention.

Defining the accident as "a person, an object or a vehicle being damaged due to an unintentional or unexpected event", Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp said, "Home accidents can happen at home, in the garden, in the pool or in living areas such as nursing homes and dormitories."

Most children and elderly people have household accidents

Stating that about 20 thousand deaths occur every year from home accidents, Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp, “According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, the prevalence of home accidents is 25%. It is most common in individuals under 6 and over 65 years of age. Children under 10 are the victims in one third of the accidents. "In about 80% of these accidents, you can see at least bruises, bruises, cuts or lacerations on the skin," he said.

Referring to the most common types of accidents, Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp said, “Falls, cutting / piercing injuries, hitting / falling on home furniture, thermal injuries, poisoning, drowning / aspiration are the most common types of accidents”.

Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp, listing the most common places as any room of the house, kitchen, house entrance, garden, living room, staircase, bedroom and bathroom, "The most common causes of death are falling, poisoning, thermal burns, aspiration and suffocation." he spoke.

Heed these tips to avoid household accidents

Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp also listed his advice on protection from home accidents:

  • There must be a railing on the edge of the stairs.
  • There should be light and switch at the beginning and end of the stairs.
  • Small carpets and rugs should be fixed to the floor.
  • In the bedroom, there should be a switch / night light at the bedside.
  • Objects such as toys and slippers should not be left on the stairs and on the floor.
  • There should be doors at the head of the stairs.
  • There should be security locks on the windows.
  • No furniture should be kept near the window or kitchen counter.
  • Equipment should be taken for sharp corners of the furniture.
  • There should be handles in the bathroom.
  • Bathtub / shower floor should be covered with materials that prevent slipping.
  • The bathroom floor must be dry and clean.
  • There should be a non-slip bath mat right next to the bathtub / shower.

For fire prevention

Noting that fire alarms should be present on every floor of the house, Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp said, “It should be in or near every bedroom. It should be checked monthly. "Batteries should be changed at least once a year."

Drawing attention to the accidents that may occur in the kitchen, Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp said, “While cooking, one should not leave the kitchen. Objects that may catch fire should be kept away from the stove / heater / stove. "Matches and lighters should be kept out of the reach of children," he said.

Devices should not be kept in the socket when not in use

Emphasizing that smoking should not be made at home, especially in bed, Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp, “The water temperature to be used at home should be adjusted to 50 degrees at most. The stems such as the teapot and the pan on the stove should be turned inwards. All electrical equipment and cords should be kept away from water and hot surfaces. Devices such as hair dryer, iron, shaver should be unplugged when not in use. Care should be taken that the cords are not stuck on the road, cluttered and under furniture. The cables should not be exposed at the sockets. Socket covers should be used ”warned.

To protect children 

Dr. Hüseyin Alp Baturalp also listed his recommendations for protecting children from home accidents:

  • Babies under one year old should not be laid face down on soft places.
  • Pillows, toys, etc. on your bed. should not be placed.
  • Pacifiers, necklaces, beads, safety pins should not be hung around the neck.
  • Kids no zamThey should not be left alone in the bath, in the pool or under the control of another child.
  • The pool must be surrounded by a fence.
  • Toys in the pool should be bought after swimming.
  • The water in the inflatable pools should be completely drained after use.
  • The toys the child plays with should be appropriate for his age.
  • All medicines and cleaning materials should be kept in lockers out of the reach of children.
  • Medicines and cosmetics should not be kept in the home bag.
  • Medicines should be stored in their original box or bottle.
  • Children should not be told that the medicine is sugar.
  • The gun must be kept empty and its safety must be kept closed.
  • Weapons should be kept in a locked place out of the reach of infants and children.
  • Bullets should be stored separately from the gun.
  • The firearm should never be removed or cleaned when the baby or child is present.

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