What is a Retractor? Where is the size of the eyeglasses in the glasses?

Ecart is generally expressed as the distance between the eyeglass lens and the bridge called the eyeglass lens gap. The size of the glasses is adjusted according to the screen size. In models with different glasses sizes, the dimensions of the ecartes also change. In glasses, the glass width should be approximately 40 to 62 mm. For glasses prepared with these measurements, the bridge distance is determined between 14 and 24 mm.

Where is the Ecartman Size in Glasses and How Many Should It Be?

If you look closely, you will see three numbers printed on the inside of the glasses. These numbers usually appear on the inside surface of one of the frame handles (the long stems of the frames that hold your glasses behind your ears).

These numbers refer to the spectacle frame size, in particular:

  • The width of the frame (the width of a single spectacle lens template)
  • Bridge size (distance between eyeglass lenses)
  • Glasses Handle Length

All of these measurements are specified in millimeters (mm).

These three numbers are specified in the frame, such as 48-19-140.

First number - Width of the frame - represents the horizontal width of the eyeglass lens template (a single template, not the total width). In this case, the width of the frame is 48 mm wide. Generally, most eyeglass frames range in width from 40mm to 62mm.

Second digit - bridge size - distance between eyeglass lenses. In other words, it is the size of the "bridge" sitting on the nose of the frame. In this case, the frame bridge is 19 mm wide. Generally, the bridge distance of most eyeglass frames varies between 14mm and 24mm.

Third digit - eyeglass shank length - the length of the frame "handles" measured from the rim hinge to the rear end of the eyeglass shank. In this case, the temple length is 140 mm. Eyeglass shank lengths are usually between 120mm and 150mm.

Often there are small squares () instead of lines (-) between them to distinguish between the frame segments (width of the frame, bridge distance and eyeglass shank length).

In addition to the frame's width, bridge distance and eyeglass shank length, you may also see other numbers (or letters and names) engraved inside the frame. These usually specify the frame pattern and / or the color of the frame.

Note that two frames with the same frame dimensions will sit differently depending on the frame model.

What is Polarized Glass?

Polarized glass; It is a film layer that absorbs reflections and glare well. For example; Polarized glass collects and reflects reflections from white objects on a sunny day, or reflections on the glass of the vehicle while driving, at a single point on the front of the glass. Thus, it prevents such reflections from disturbing the eyes. Glasses with polarized lenses; It is especially recommended for people whose eyes are sensitive to light or who have undergone an operation.

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