Poor Oral Care in Childhood Leads to Chronic Diseases

Both caries and periodontal diseases in childhood can be triggers of many chronic diseases such as arteriosclerosis and heart diseases in adulthood. Therefore, it is very important to gain a good oral care habit from childhood. It is the best start for mothers and fathers to provide oral care training to their children and to set an example in this regard.

Dt. Pertev Kökdemir stated that dental and gum diseases, which are not given necessary importance unless there is a serious health problem, actually increase the risk of many diseases that can affect our entire quality of life, and stated that dental and gum diseases are a serious health problem in our country. He emphasized that the necessary checks should be made by going to the dentist regularly at least twice a year.

If you do not have oral care, we can list the health problems you may encounter as follows.

  • Chronic respiratory diseases
  • Premature birth risks during pregnancy
  • Stomach or intestinal disorders
  • Circulatory system disorders

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