Unknown Benefits of Nose Aesthetics!

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information about the subject. Rhinoplasty surgery has been increasing in recent years, When this procedure is done correctly, not only in terms of aesthetics but also zamIt also provides many medical benefits, it should not be seen as an aesthetic and cosmetic surgery only. zamis currently a functional body.
Planning the nasal aesthetic surgery taking into account the structures in the internal structure of the nose is a very important step.

Both functional and aesthetic results make the patients happy by planning and performing the nose aesthetic surgery correctly.

Patients sometimes focus only on the aesthetic part. zamYou can skip important points in the moment. In this article, we will explain the overlooked important benefits in 7 articles.

1. To have a well-breathing nose after a beautiful nose

Distorted noses, whose outer parts are damaged due to falls and crashes, significantly affect the health of the person, adversely affect breathing, sleep quality, oral and dental health, the nose is an important organ for heating and humidifying the air taken from the outside and separating the odor functions. The air reaches an ideal consistency for the lungs, when nasal functions are disabled, lung functions are also negatively affected. While beautifying the outside of the nose with nasal aesthetic surgery, making the inside of the nose breathing provides a significant gain.

2. Self-confidence comes

The external appearance of the nose significantly affects the shape of the face. People with a slightly different nose structure are afraid to look in the mirror, cannot express themselves in society. Especially in the internet age, young people are constantly on social media. zamThe photos in these environments are criticized by their friends and they are exposed to psychological trauma. These corrections in appearance facilitate the adaptation to social life by increasing self-esteem and increase the success in the work environment. It reflects positively on the family and friends circle.

3.Reduces in the frequency of upper respiratory tract infections

A person with a blocked nose becomes more sick by constantly breathing through the mouth, and nasal congestion affects the ears negatively through the eustachian tube. Again, due to mouth breathing, tooth decays, changes in the mouth and facial structure, in adults, bad breath and a bad taste in the mouth. the sensation appears with tooth decay.With rhinoplasty surgery, the inner part of the nose is also corrected. zamThe frequency of upper respiratory tract infections is significantly decreasing.

4. Snoring decreases

After a functional and aesthetic nose surgery, the nasal airway is opened zamSnoring due to nasal congestion decreases significantly, snoring, which is a problem between spouses, disappears on this occasion and positively affects family life.

5.Positively affects sleep health

In people with nasal congestion, blood pressure, sleep quality, hormones, and body metabolism are negatively affected as a result of breathing during sleep. People whose airway becomes normal with nasal surgery also returns to normal in blood pressure and hormones. People with sleep disorder, that is, sleep apnea, tend to sleep continuously during the day, have difficulty getting up in the morning, and they can get rid of this problem with nasal surgery.

6.The sense of smell improves

Since odor molecules are carried by air, people with nasal congestion are found to have a weakened sense of smell due to low air entry into the nose. Especially in the upper part of the nose, the air flow decreases in the areas special to smell. This occurs with a decrease in the sense of smell, and an increase in the sense of smell occurs in people with air flow through the nose.

7.Improved speech and voice occurs

In people with a blocked nose or people with upper respiratory tract infection, the voice and speech have a unique feature that everyone can understand, even on the phone, the person with a blocked nose can be easily distinguished from his voice. With nasal aesthetic surgery, the patient's voice quality can be significantly improved by correcting the meats, sinuses, bone and cartilage distortions in the nose. Making his living with his voice; If imams, teachers, sipikers, artists experience nasal congestion, they begin to breathe through the mouth during speech. This causes the throat to dry and the vocal cords to dry, resulting in a quieter and bifurcation in the voice, a functional nose significantly positively affects the voice quality.

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