Historic Success from BMW Motorrad

historic success from bmw motorrad
historic success from bmw motorrad

Borusan Otomotiv's distributor in Turkey where BMW Motorrad delivered by enthusiasts worldwide 169.272 2020 units in XNUMX. All motorcycles and scooters zamit managed to achieve the second best sales result of the moments.

Expanding its product portfolio with 2020 new models introduced to the market in 13, BMW Motorrad continues to successfully implement the brand's growth strategy. While the launch of the new BMW R 18 was one of BMW Motorrad's most striking moves in 2020, the new BMW R 5, bearing the genes of the brand's legendary R 32 and R 18 models, received very positive feedback from the enthusiasts.

Stable sales chart in Europe

BMW Motorrad, which brought 2019 more motorcycles to its fans in Germany compared to 1.224, completed the year 27.516 with 2020 units and remained the biggest market for the brand. In France, sales increased again with 17.539 units compared to the previous year.

Positive development continues in Asia and South America

With 11.788 motorcycles and scooters delivered - 2019 in 8.818 - BMW Motorrad achieved a growth rate of 33,7 percent in China. Similarly, a positive sales chart was recorded in Brazil. The South American market, on the other hand, achieved 10.707 percent growth with sales of 2019 motorcycles - 10.064 units in 6,4 - and managed to become one of the 7 largest markets of BMW Motorrad.

Boxer models continue to lead

Boxer models, with around 80.000 units sold, continue to form the backbone of BMW Motorrad's success. The 1800 cc New BMW R 18, which responds very well to the passion of motorcyclists to use powerful engines, has succeeded in becoming one of the most important models that increased the sales graphic of the brand in 2020.

The single-cylinder BMW G 310 R and BMW G 310 GS models were also among the most demanded models in 2020. Both models were extensively renewed to achieve this success and hit new roads in autumn 2020. With sales of more than 17.000 units worldwide, these two models contributed to the overall success in 2020.

BMW Motorrad literally hit the target with the launch of the new BMW F 900 R and F 900 XR models. With 12 motorcycles sold, BMW Motorrad has succeeded in consolidating its strong position in the middle class segment. Along with other models such as the BMW F 14.429 GS, BMW F 750 ​​GS and BMW F 850 ​​GS Adventure, the total sales of the 850-cylinder series exceeded 2 units.

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