Dependent Personality Disorder Damages Relationships!

Dependent personality disorder is one of the most common personality disorders, but what are the symptoms of dependent personality disorder? Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject.

Avoiding taking responsibility, having difficulties in saying that they do not have separate opinions with others because of fear that they will not be accepted, who cannot say no to something they do not want, will make a decision even if they are married zamAre you with someone who needs approval from their mothers or fathers, has difficulty expressing themselves in their relationships, feels uncomfortable and helpless when they are alone and therefore has a fear of abandonment and generally has addictions such as internet, telephone, cigarette, alcohol?

So you should know that the person you are with; Dependent Personality Disorder shows traits.

People with dependent personality disorder characteristics cannot easily say "No", they have difficulty in defending themselves in case of an injustice, they avoid taking responsibility for fear that they will not succeed, they need to get approval in every decision they make, especially if these people are married, they act more with the decisions of their parents or they will make a decision. zamThey do not act without the consent of their parents at the moment and therefore they want to be in touch with their parents. The spouses of these people complain that they are thrown into the second plan the most and they pretend to be an excessive mother for their wives.

Dependent Personality Disorder, a personality disorder that is common in society and is based on childhood; Especially between the ages of 1,5 and 3,5 years, it occurs with the overprotective and oppressive attitude of the parents and continues to develop. When the child whose attempts are blocked feels inadequate and worthless at first, it manifests itself as a lack of self-confidence, but the child who previously only had a lack of self-confidence when the parents continue these attitudes until the child grows up and even marries and interferes with the offspring. zamUnderstand, it appears as a personality disorder towards adulthood and if the person does not notice himself, he feels dependent on his parents for a lifetime.

If your spouse has these characteristics, you can now guess why. So protect your child from overly protective and oppressive attitude; your child should not be dependent on anyone or anything and be confident.

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