Psychosocial Support from AvivaSA Over 60 Years of Age During Pandemic

AvivaSA continued to work with psychosocial support after the distribution of healthy food packages and health and hygiene packages within the framework of the "Pandemic Aid Project" implemented in cooperation with Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Ankara Metropolitan District Municipalities in order to reduce the negative effects of the pandemic on people over 60 years old.

Meeting with the Psychosocial Support Team consisting of expert psychologists and gerontologists in order to reduce the feelings of anxiety and loneliness that increased during the pandemic period, the elderly stated that their satisfaction rate with the project was 100 percent and their happiness rate was 98,3.

Sabanci Holding, and a 300-year global insurance giant Aviva subsidiary of AvivaSA, Turkey guiding the preparation of aging and society that began with the aim of contributing to the conversion of positive aging perception "Any Age" Istanbul within the framework of the project, Izmir, Bursa and in cooperation with the Ankara Metropolitan District Municipalities " Implemented the Pandemic Relief Project Plan. Within the scope of the project, healthy food packages and health and hygiene packages were delivered to 2 people in these provinces. The second phase of the project was psychosocial support. AvivaSA's Psychosocial Support Team, which consists of young, expert psychologists and gerontologists, shared their concerns by making phone calls with the elderly who had to stay at home due to the restrictions and therefore became lonely. As a result of interviews with 300 people supporting intergenerational communication, the satisfaction rate of the project was 904 percent and the happiness rate 100 percent.

Yeşim Taşlıoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Transformation of AvivaSA, stated that many elderly people who met with the Psychosocial Support Team demanded to be called again, said: “The population over the age of 60, which is the biggest risk group in the pandemic process, was adversely affected both psychologically and sociologically due to restrictions. As a result of our interviews with our Psychosocial Support Team, we determined that the biggest problem they face in this segment is financial difficulties, health problems, inability to go out, longing and fear of illness. The elderly citizens, who said that they did not enjoy life with the restriction of physical activities in this process, and their feelings of loneliness increased, stated that they felt happier and better after the interview. As AvivaSA, we will continue our efforts to alleviate the worries and fears of the elderly and to be with them in this period. Within the scope of the project, we delivered 2 food and health packages, and our Psychosocial Support Team contacted 300 people over the age of 60 and provided psychological support to 904 people. "

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