ASELSAN Produces 100 Thousand ATOM 35 MM Particle Ammunition Electronics

ASELSAN produces ATOM 35 mm Particle Ammunition within the scope of the 35 mm Air Defense System Modernization (HSSM) and Particle Ammunition Supply (PMT) Contract under the leadership of the Defense Industry Presidency. Under the contract signed on December 29, 2017, 100 thousand Ammunition Electronics have been produced in ASELSAN facilities so far.

ATOM 35 mm Particulate Ammunition precision zamcorrected for moment counting and measured ammunition exit velocity zamIt achieves high hitting precision thanks to its instant programming capabilities. Thus, it is possible to use barreled systems as effective air defense weapons. When the Modernized Towed Artillery and KORKUT Systems are used with ATOM 35 mm Particulate Ammunition, they provide effectiveness against traditional air targets such as warplanes and helicopters, as well as modern air threats such as air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles. ATOM 35mm Particulate Ammunition was developed together with MKEK and TÜBİTAK SAGE under the main contractor of ASELSAN and has become an important element of layered air defense.

Production of 100 thousand Ammunition Electronics was completed in the Automated Ammunition Electronics Production Line established in ASELSAN. After the production of 100th Ammunition Electronics, the production line was celebrated with limited participation, taking into account the COVID-19 measures.

With the experience and knowledge gained within the scope of the project, it is possible to develop a wide variety of calibers and types of smart ammunition in a short time.

35 mm Particle Ammunition "ATOM" General Features

  • Precise Muzzle Velocity Correction
  • Improved Particle Scattering
  • High Penetration Efficiency
  • 4 km Effective Range
  • Security and Arming Mechanism with High Reliability Value
  • High Precision Zammoment Programming
  • Resistance to Electromagnetic Jamming
  • 20 Years Shelf Life

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