What Is Stilex Gel Cream Used For?


Stilex gel cream, which can be used only with the recommendation of a doctor, is used in painful sages and redness and wounds caused by fly and insect bites.

Can be used for several reasons stilex gel creamIt is often used to relieve itching or redness that occurs after mosquito bites or insect bites. Same zamcan be used in other areas at the moment, such as cream, acne,zamdoes not benefit for a, hemorrhoids, fungus. Therefore, it is beneficial to use it only for the reasons determined by your doctor. Stilex cream, which you can buy from the pharmacy without a prescription, the same zamIt is also good for mild burns. You can easily use the cream in the treatment of rash and chickenpox.

How is Stilex Cream Used?

You can buy the Stilex cream from the pharmacy without a prescription, which you can use with the advice of your doctor. Before using stilex, which is a cream applied directly to the skin, you should take care that the area you will use is clean. Apply some cream and massage to the area you want to use. If you are applying the cream to your face, you should be careful not to contact it with the eyes, mouth and nose. In case of accidental contact with the mouth, nose and eyes, you should wash these areas with plenty of water. When you use the cream, you should only use it on the lesioned area.

Unless your doctor says otherwise stilex cream should not be used for more than a week. However, the application area should be dry. If you do not see any decrease in your complaints at the end of a week, you should definitely consult your doctor again.

Stilex Gel Cream Usage and Side Effects

Stilex cream, which you can only buy from the pharmacy, is a cream that you should keep at room temperature. There is no age limit for the cream that you can use with a doctor's recommendation in children. However, it is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should use this cream only with the doctor's recommendation.

Stilex gel cream, which you can use with all medicines, should be used with caution in liver and kidney patients. If you have forgotten the dose to use the cream and you think you have used it too much, you should wash this area with plenty of water.

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